Tips to Choose the Right Sherwani

by Sonam Saarsar on February 18, 2016

With a number of Sherwanis in trends, it sometimes becomes difficult to choose one. It’s important to note that every sherwani does not suit every individual. Sherwanis are said to be one of the extremely comfortable and classic attires of all; perhaps the best.

While choosing a sherwani, it’s highly essential to gather adequate knowledge about different sherwanis and what may suit you. However, buying a sherwani is no child’s play, so one needs to be careful before buying one. There is no hard and fast rule regarding what kind of sherwani may suit you but, there are certain guidelines that can help you.


Make sure the colour of sherwani you choose match the colour of your skin. Red, golden and maroon are some of the colours that are widely used for sherwani. However, there are few light shades such as light brown, off-white and cream colours that happen to be popular these days.

The combination of a light colour sherwani with dark embroidery also gives a magnificent look.


Try not matching the colour of sherwani exactly with the bride’s sherwani (if you are the groom). It can turn out to be an awkward situation for both.

Step 3

Choose according to the time of the occasion as this will compliment your dress. In a day time function, a light sherwani will put a great impact; whereas, at a night functions try to go for darker shades.

Step 4

Always wear sherwani that fits your body; never wear a loose sherwani. It is advisable that when you choose a sherwani either try it or ask for an appropriate alteration.

Choosing a sherwani can be difficult if you are new to it. But, by keeping certain things in mind, you can always buy a suitable sherwani that will match your style and occasion.

All the best! Happy shopping!