3 Limited Edition Christmas Sherwanis!

by Chris Warren on December 23, 2015
Christmas Sherwanis


Sherwani King celebrates it's first Christmas since we have been released which is why we would like to make it very special for you by creating three new Sherwanis inspired for Christmas so you can celebrate in complete style. We will feature each of them right now so you can catch a glimpse of how they look as the advanced and extraordinary craftsmanship done on these suits is simply just sublime.


Hammond - Red Sherwani

Hammond - Red Sherwani


Hammond personifies Love

In the color of love, this exclusive red Sherwani is blazing in style as the in the beautiful shaded fabric takes the stage.

Hammond is our favorite in this Christmas collection because of it's simple yet traditional look to give you that Christmas feel. It is one of our short Sherwanis too, which makes it fairly unique to all the other simple Sherwanis, we also have noticed the trend in these fashionable short Sherwanis which is why Hammond is on this list for your three limited Christmas Sherwanis. Click the image now to hire or buy the Sherwani or click here.


Milan - White & Red Sherwani

Milan - White & Red Sherwani


Milan gives you the sweet smell of success

This irresistible white and red Sherwani doesn't need a reason to steal the limelight. The advanced and extraordinary craftsmanship done on this suit is simply just sublime.

The reason why we created this beautiful long Sherwani is because it is cut with precision and ornamented with fantastic floral artistry around the whole suit. Christmas revolves around decorations and what is better than wearing something so eye-catching in a festive spirit. The red and white color combination fits in to the Christmas spirit filled with true colours to make your day as special as it can be. Click the image now to hire or buy the Sherwani or click here.


Amit - Aqua Sherwani


 Amit - Aqua Sherwani


Take an oath for a lifetime with Amit  

This iridescent Sherwani in blue and green color is a celebration of lifetime. Set in beautiful raw silk this fabulous Sherwani reflects a copper gleam.This amazing Sherwani is run with fine turquoise threads in floral maze like patterns.

Amit is our last limited edition Christmas Sherwani for the list. This wonderful green and blue Sherwani creation sets the mood of the morning and evening. We decided there needs to be some class in this collection which is why Amit was designed perfectly for this cause. The floral patterns and embroidery make you light up as the Christmas tree itself! It is well-tailored to fit any body shape to the ultimate comfort zone so you can party all night with this Christmas outfit. Click the image now to hire or buy the Sherwani or click here.

Sherwani King wishes everyone a Merry Christmas this year and we certainly hope you have a good time!