Indian Sherwanis vs Pakistani Sherwanis

by Chris Warren on December 31, 2015
Indian Sherwanis vs Pakistani Sherwanis


Two different countries and two different minds. Designers from India and Pakistan specialize very well in making a Sherwani and have their own benefits to make them unique and stand out, but who is better? This article will cover how India and Pakistan make Sherwanis and what makes them stand out in their own way when it comes to designing a beautiful Sherwani.


Indian Sherwanis

India Flag


India have many special artisans and designers from the emphatic city of Mumbai and Delhi to the memorising region of Punjab. These designers use different types of patterns, styles and embroidery to create a suit to perfection. This is mostly zardozi, emphatic thread-work, stones and diamonds.

India are also very good to pick from as they design custom Sherwanis to however you would like it.this is good because if you want a Sherwani with higher or lower amounts of embellishments, India are the best when it comes to tailoring or custom work because of how talented and experienced they are with designing.

India are really serious and professional when it comes to picking materials for your Sherwani, they produce the most cleanest and fresh parts of fabrics to get the best out of your Sarwani. Colored fabrics are also not a problem as they have a wide range of shades to pick from. India mostly uses silk to create a Sherwani because of how easy it is to work with as well as being a high quality material.

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Pakistani Sherwanis

Pakistan Flag


 Pakistani sherwani hire collection has been an historic icon across the region embracing designs which revolves around the country's culture. When it comes to Pakistan Sherwanis, their designs are infinite as they can include over 10 different types of embroidered work on a suit! They are also designing new and unique patterns to add to Sherwanis which are starting to be embraced from other countries.

Founder of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah frequently wore the Sherwani and made it the national dress of Pakistan because they saw this suit as an idol. Which is why every Pakistani Sherwani designers are very patient and creative when it comes to making a masterpiece.

Pakistan also created the 'Kurta' which is more of a daily used outfit. This could be used with a Sherwani combining to make a unique suit. Kurta's are more often used than a Sherwani which is why Pakistan are very ideal to choose if you are looking for the perfect Sherwani to wear.

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