The Summary of Sherwanis 2015

Sherwanis 2015


We're sad to see 2015 go... nevertheless we will look back on this year proudly for Sherwanis as it was one of the most successful years by far for these Indo-western suits.

The Summary

2015 has been all about how Sherwanis can be developed and evolved from it's natural types. Which is why a lot of designers began to focus on Achkans, Bandhgalas and short Sherwanis as it's sophisticated looks were quite unknown to the public.

Sherwanis have been designed similarly to suits and tuxedos as the styles and form of them have been replicated to these type of formal suits so it catches more attention from other cultures and countries. Designers had mentioned 2015 was all about noticing the beauty of Sherwanis, which meant the audience had to become wider instead of it being niche to a certain amount of people. 


Bandghalas - Short Sherwanis


The aim was successful in the end because popular fashion magazines such as Vogue highly recommended people to check out these Indo-western suits because of it's unique detailing such as the heavy embroidery, innovative cuts and tailor-made drapes. This grew the popularity base for Sherwanis much higher than any year because of how high this type of fashion was.

Another point that summarized Sherwanis in 2015 was the amount of accessories used to combine with the outfits to make your appearance even more attractive. The traditional shoes, turbans, brooches, pocket squares and scarves made the right ingredients which began to trend highly this year and will be sure to carry on all of this into the next season and find ways to get a Sherwani even better for 2016.