The Big Rivals 3 - Gold Sherwanis vs Silver Sherwanis

by Fayed Hussain on January 06, 2016
Gold Sherwanis vs Silver Sherwanis


In this article we have another clash between two common and popular shades which are gold and silver. The rivalry between these two are fairly strong, we know gold connotes to wealth and luxury, so does silver too. In Sherwanis however, it's a different story. It all comes down to this debate of which color is gets the pick. We will look at the advantages and disadvantages of each color and which is the most popular used in Sherwanis in the modern era.

Why should you buy a Gold Sherwani?

The color gold is the color of success, achievement and triumph. Most of the time is it associated with luxury and quality because of how rare and precious the color really is. In a Sherwani, that is exactly what you wish to have which is why gold is always the first choice especially for a special event such as a traditional wedding or even a reception. This is because the primary colors for a wedding Sherwani is usually mixed with white, red and gold itself.

Gold is sure to make you look wealthy, handsome and catch a lot of attention. Embroidery is commonly made out of gold as the metal is just high in rarity which is what makes it so special. Having embroidery along with gold Sherwani can truly be unbeatable to anyone's wedding. The color is very traditional, a long time ago in the world it still was a rare shade. Only the royal could wear such a shade because it has high prestige.

Why you should not buy a Gold Sherwani?

Gold is still a very attractive color don't get me wrong however, gold may affect your skin tone too much making you look too pale or dark. There is not any shades of gold to match it with your skin tone which could become quite stressful and time consuming to try hard and find the right suit.

Gold also is very expensive, which could heavily affect your budget, that is why people do not use much gold in a Sherwani or they don't use it at all. Buying cheap material replicating gold may differ from peoples perspectives when they look at your gold Sherwani.

Why should you buy a Silver Sherwani?

Similar to gold, Silver has many positive connotations that symbolizes sophistication, value and elegance. This is the reason why people may choose silver over gold as it is also a highly picked color as well as a favorite to the public. Statistics even prove that silver jewelry is the most brought over gold mainly because it is cheaper but it is more brighter than gold.

Silver also catches more attention than gold because of how bright and illuminating it can be. It also offers more convenience to other occasions such as parties, formal events, receptions and more because of how eye-catching a silver Sherwani looks. Any silver shade is very friendly to feature the best embroidery and materials to create a beautiful Indo-western outfit.

Why you should not buy a Silver Sherwani?

Silver still is a strong color and is picked over a majority of colors however, silver cannot be matched with a lot of colors because of how bright this color is. The choices are very limited and the often picked contrasting colors between silver Sherwanis would be either a silver and black Sherwani or a silver and white Sherwani.