Designers are trying to Set new Trends in Men's Fashion World

by James Peters on September 13, 2019

New changes are taking place in the fashion world of menswear, an example of which has been established by many fashion brands like, Nomi Ansari, Sherwani King, Ustav, and Manish Malhotra. They carry the name for Pakistani and Indian Menswear and they have been introducing unique styles in men's fashion for years.


Men’s Fashion Demand 


In India and Pakistan, there is always a significant demand for Kurta, shalwar Kameez, and Sherwani, usually for weddings and other ceremonies. A ceremonial dress is the key to any occasion, so the industry is providing a wide variety in this regard. They are using Chiffons, silk, brocade, and velvet for the menswear to do something different.


Utsav is the biggest Online platform in India for buying trending menswear, especially for wedding Kurtas. They have made a lot of new trends and are trying hard to keep an eye on the changing trends. The award-winning Sherwani King is helping the thousands of grooms in choosing their perfect wedding outfit either in the UK, Mumbai or Lahore. Their UK sherwani helps grooms to complete their ethnic look in western culture. Nomi Ansari’s amazing colors and perfect quality also add an amazing color in the men’s ethnic fashion demands. Currently, they have a vast collection of menswear styles on their websites. Their primary focus is always towards wedding dresses, but they also try to give attention to other outfits.


Street Fashion Trends of Men

The men fashion designers recently have focused on street trends. After some expert opinions of famous Indian fashion designers like Aniket Satam and Sahib Bhatia etc., they are trying to introduce some new and awesome trends. They feel that some modern trends are the requirement of the time.


Social media has provoked new thinking and a unique point of view of dressing. Men are seeking something sharp and dashing, so they need bright colors. Keeping these things in mind, the fashion industry is working on men's fashion.


New Adventure in Men’s Fashion


This step can be called a new adventure in the fashion world because the companies are going to take a significant risk in this way. In the subcontinent, there is no trend of sharp innovation in men’s fashion, and simplicity is preferred in it. But, of course, youth and the urban population warmly welcome new trends. 


So if it’s Shalwar Kameez, Sherwani King Birmingham, or Indian Kurta. Versatility or innovation is needed. But the history of the fashion designers shows that they are well aware of the like and dislike of the Indian and Pakistani people regarding fashion. Beside eccentric and colorful menswear trends, they are trying to bring some classic trends back into fashion.