How to Find the Perfect Supplier

by Karishma Bhugani on January 15, 2017

Choosing your suppliers should be a fun process but it's hard, it can turn into one of the longest and most frustrating parts of planning a wedding. You’ve been speaking with a supplier and they are giving all the right answer but all of a sudden something they say doesn’t quite line up with the vision you had for your wedding and you're back to square one. Or you’ve been to all these wedding shows, gotten recommendations from friends and family but now your list of potential suppliers is way too big and you don’t know how to narrow it down and your panicking. But relax do a little bit of research and you will find the right supplier.   

You’ve got your list now it's time to do some work. The most basic thing you need to whittle down your list is checking their website, Instagrams, Facebooks and any other social media site you find. Check the comments see what people are saying about them you want unbiased reviews so you have an idea of what this company like. Better to find out now if this company's not as good as they claim than 2 days before your wedding. If they’ve made it past the basic checks of site and social media it is time to call them up (or email) have a list of questions ready this is how you'll find out if they fit the vibe of both you as a couple and your wedding. Get a good idea of their prices and if they’ve done similar wedding before. Don’t rush this process and book everything at once you don't want to second-guess your decision. Take your time and find somebody whose work you really like   

Did they make it past this stage? If yes then celebrate!!! You could just be one step closer to booking a supplier. Make an appointment and go see that work. Seeing something online and speaking to them over the phone is very different and hopefully, you would want to see a suppliers work before the wedding day. The biggest advice we can give is: don't go with the cheapest!!!!! (unless they are your favourite supplier) just because you can save money with them remember what you choose today is how your wedding will be remembered, instead, go with the ones that you most liked - within your budget of course. Choosing suppliers should not be a stressful experience, you should have full confidence in your chosen supplier once you find someone you like trust them to understand you plan and leave the work to them.  

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