New Product Alert

by Karishma Bhugani on January 17, 2017

Everybody listen: Sherwani King is now doing tuxedo jackets.

We know with our name it’s not something you would associate with us but here we are. This is something we have thought about for a long time and now the time is right to introduce our 6 new jackets. Sherwanis are usually only worn on the one day or even just a few hours and then grooms usually change into something that is a little easier to move in and a tuxedo jacket is perfect for that keep looking suave but be able to actually move your arms.

Previously whenever we had clients come in to find their wedding sherwani they would always ask do you have something I can wear in the evening, now we already had reception sherwanis they’re a little shorter, a little more toned and similar to suit jackets but grooms love the classic tuxedo look for their wedding day. We didn’t have that so they would have to be turned down and their search for wedding supplies continues.

Grooms you can relax now, now you will find both your wedding sherwani and you tuxedo jacket in the same location. Men’s sherwanis you already know you will find in various colours and shades that will go with any colour scheme you may have but our tux jackets they aren’t just your standard colours.

Although we do have the timeless charcoal jacket, we also thought to include colours like ruby red for the bold man who wants to stand out. To make something a little different to other tuxedos some of ours are made from velvet to add that little extra factor needed at Asian weddings. If you feel red should be left to the bride don’t worry we have other colours check the site and find the perfect colour for you.

But wait a minute these tuxes aren’t just for the groom, a lot of the time fathers of the grooms are looking for something too they want to look good but don’t want to outdo the groom. A tux is perfect for that polished look whilst staying out of the limelight the couple's big day.