Sherwani King at Roshni 2017

by Karishma Bhugani on February 14, 2017

The University of Birmingham held Roshni 2017 this past week at the Tower Ballroom, it's an annual event and this year the theme was to mix the past and the present making for an interesting night. The event has been weeks in the making and Sherwani King had a small part in helping this year's event come to life by dressing some of the performers for the show. 

We were tasked with dressing the bridal section performers and the Sherwani Boys and we think we made them look pretty good. It was during the rehearsals that the performers got to see their outfits for the first time and it was smiles all round as they tried them on and got a feel for what the rest of the night will be like.

Sherwani King was invited to the show and the moment we walked through the door we knew we were in for a good night gol gappa stand, dhol players, you name it dressing the performers was definitely a good decision (gol gappa!!) 

Seeing the performers in our sherwanis during the day was one thing but under all the lights and music, guests got to see the true magnificence of the sherwanis. We watched the groom's dance down the runway in our 2017 collection to the brides who were equally as beautifully dressed by Shadi Mubarik.

When we weren't watching society members show us why this has been such a
successful event for so many years we were being serenaded by a violinist during the 3-course meal, going to the
photobooth or watching Nach Da Sansar create bhangra magic.


We also dressed one of the closing acts on the night - the Sherwani Boys. They got everybody ready for when the dancefloor opened and Kikli Roadshow took over for the rest of the night. An amazing show and an amazing night, Sherwani King will be back for Roshni 2018.