The Different Types of Sherwanis

by Karishma Bhugani on December 31, 2016

A few weeks ago we mentioned different types of sherwanis we have and today we think we need to elaborate. Usually when looking for their wedding sherwanis grooms don’t have much of an idea other than what colour they would like, most people not just grooms seem to think there is just one type of sherwani but with such a long history there is bound to be different styles favoured by different kingdoms but are now worn by everybody. So read through and become a bit more informed on the clothes you are wearing on such an important day. 

Chipkan Sherwani – descend from the Mughal period of South Asia's history but have been updated to reflect contemporary tastes with ever evolving fabrics, patterns and colours.

Achkan sherwani – an understated sherwani with a mandarin collar more akin to a structured kurta than what we usually associate with sherwanis, these beautiful pieces will bring a touch of elegance to your occasion if you prefer wearing something a little less showy. 

Angrakha Sherwani – designed to highlight the wearer's upper chest, a slightly rare sight on a wedding sherwani with the focus concentrated in just one area rather than all over.

Jodhpuri Sherwani – another sherwani with royal beginnings, think of Rajasthani Rajas and the opulence they lived in that will be you in a Jodhpuri sherwani.


Jacket Style Sherwani – the perfect mix between Asian clothing styles and a traditional western suit, beautifully patterned but with a shorter cut great for shorter men or as something to wear at the wedding reception.