The Perfect Groomsmen!

by Karishma Bhugani on April 24, 2017

So you're getting married soon! Your Sherwani should be one of your biggest concerns but what about your groomsmen? What will your closest friends be wearing on your big day? Having your groomsmen in suits is a popular choice however it may not help them to stand our on your big day. A Sherwani, however, is a very special styling choice. It's something to look at twice and immediately everybody knows who matters to you most.

Traditionally, the groomsmen's attire is consistent among all the guys but that's really down to you as a couple. Do you want the groomsmen to be wearing the same Sherwani and create a theme for the wedding? Or have them wearing something completely different and unique? 

It's important that the outfits match in style and theme and that is what you will need to discuss with your friends to ensure they are all ready to try for the big day.

You want your groomsmen to look good and compliment you but it can dangerous to let one of them outshine you by going over the top (rarely the case). We recommend the groomsmen wear a light Sherwani with minimal embellishments and complimentary accessories such as a scarf or shoes to complete the theme.

To make sure everybody’s happy with the look of the day bring them all in to the showroom, it's the best way to get all the correct measurements and see if the look suits everyone. You clearly don’t want any misfits appearing in your memorable wedding photos.

The best approach we have found with Groomsmen is to let them wear something that feels comfortable in wearing whilst helping them stand out. The wedding has to be an affair to be enjoyed by both friends and family. That’s plenty of reason for you to be involved with your groomsmen about their perfect look.