Traditional or Trendy: Settling the Sherwani Style Debate

by trishna soor on April 15, 2023

Ultimately, the important decision of going the traditional route versus taking a trend based design approach will depend on the individuals personal preferences and the cultural context of the occasion for the sherwani is meant for. Some value the historical significance and look of traditional sherwanis, while others prefer to experiment with more modern styles.

When it comes to fashion, there has always been a debate between keeping up with trends and staying true to a more classical look. However, in the case of sherwanis, traditional designs hold a special place and are the most popular choice in the hearts of many. The sherwani has a rich history originating in the
18th century in South Asia. By the late 19th century it was adopted by many populations spanning across the globe.

Over time, the sherwani has evolved, but designers have been able to maintain the basic structure, quality and silhouettes in their couture collections. Traditional sherwanis are characterized by their classic cut, elegant fabrics, and intricate embroidery. Sherwani King’s designs feature handcrafted details which give them depth, and a timeless, regal look. Moreover, traditional sherwanis come in a
variety of colours, including ivory, gold, and maroon, all of which are associated with royalty and nobility.

Nowadays, grooms add trending elements to their custom-made sherwanis such as modern fabrics, designs, shorter hemlines, fitted silhouettes, in addition to unique and personalized embellishments. When a balance can be reached between incorporating personal style elements based upon a traditional
design, a piece is created that makes an impact for years to come in photos that bring pride instead of regret. As the history of Sherwani King has history has proved, since 1975, nothing more could make you feel like a king other than a traditional sherwani designed especially for you.