Trends of Award Shows in Pakistan

by James Peters on January 07, 2020

In Pakistan following the rate of channels, award shows are getting increased. The showbiz industry is so much connected with the fashion industry when it comes to dramas, films, and award shows. So, actors contact their designers to look most handsome and beautiful in their red-carpet look. Therefore, it becomes necessary for them to look classy and beautiful to become the talk of the town. Which leaves a positive impact on their business and their coming projects? 

Though they prefer to wear, kurta pajama, tux, or simple coat paint. But now they are more inclined to leave a positive impact behind. As people wear something with a written message like the actress and model Shaheefa Jabbar Khattak has worn written education for girls' printed dress in an award show. So, does the actor and singer Asim Azhar did, with his kurta pajama in Hum award show. 

Kurta Pajama

Some actors never leave their roots back even in fashion. So, either the award is happening in Pakistan or Canada they take their kurta pajama look most gracefully and classically. Nobody can wear it better than Hamza Ali Abbasi. But in 2019 Hum awards people have loved the simple but elegant look of Asim Azhar with simple kurta pajama and a stole with a message. Nouman Ejaz has also nailed this shalwar Kameez look in the award show. 

Sherwani Look in Award Shows

Sherwani is the most used award dress nowadays, Adnan Siddiqui, Imran Ashraf, Nouman Ejaz, and many others. They all appeared in a black Sherwani and they look perfect in it. So, Sherwani is not an outfit which is just for grooms and weddings, you can wear it on any occasion. You can get the best Sherwani look from the Sherwani king; they make the best Sherwani which is best for all Indians, Pakistani, and Punjabi's all around the world who want to be connected with their baseline.

Tuxedo Look in Award Shows 

Tuxedo is also the most worn outfit of the award shows especially when it comes to hosts of the night either its Manish Paul or Muneeb Butt. They prefer to wear a tuxedo for their hosting night, though it’s a bit challenging to carry it rightly with their night. But it never goes off the list and the fashion trends. 


Paint coat- A Global Look

Paint coat look is considered a global look since everyone either they are on Golden globe awards, IPPA, or IFFA they prefer to go with the paint coat look. So, its Brad Pitt, Karan Johar, or Fawad Khan they wear paint coat on the award show for their formal look.