Where Will I Find My Wedding Supplies??

by Karishma Bhugani on December 28, 2016

Wedding season is approaching!!!!! Now we know finding all of your wedding suppliers can be stressful but relax, take a deep breath and think. The first thing you need to do is make a list of everything you need so everything from the venue to the flowers. When making this list include other people to make sure to minimise the risk of forgetting something, by other people really we mean your parents and grandparents think of how many weddings they’ve been too they know what’s needed.

The quickest way to meet suppliers is through wedding exhibitions. Exhibitions are a great source of finding specialists some may be new and others are seasoned veterans, speak to all these companies and get ready to create a shortlist of suppliers. As well as finding the essentials you may find some interesting stuff that you had not even considered.

Exhibitions are happening constantly up and down the country both for general weddings and specialised exhibitions for Asian weddings, find one near you, get looking and book your suppliers. The New Year is the perfect time to start, exhibitions for 2017 begin soon so whether your wedding is just around the corner or you are incredibly well prepared and have months to go start searching for wedding shows near you.

Sherwani King recently took part in an exhibition in Leicester, as a supplier, it was a great experience we got to meet so many new people and introduce the concept of hiring sherwanis to them. Along meeting couples, we were one of the few fashion houses who showcased their new collections to a packed audience who loved our 2017 mens wedding sherwanis. We the only house to exhibit mens sherwanis and they were reicevd with a great response

As you already know exhibitions aren’t the only way to find your suppliers ask your friends and family who their suppliers were they’ve already done this they can tell you if the suppliers were what was promised. Recommendations are a great way to find vendors who can help create your dream wedding.

Are you the first in your social circle to get married? Google is your friend. You will find suppliers for every need from the essentials to the most niche items.

Brides, Grooms get to work and find all your suppliers in time for your wedding.