The Future of Sherwanis

December 18, 2015

Future Sherwanis

The future of Sherwanis may be even better than it is now. The advanced technology with optimistic and young innovative designers in our current generation have seemed to have stepped up their game and compete to make the best Sherwanis you will ever see.

How communities and cultures will continue to grow

Initially, the sherwani was worn only by men of noble birth or royal status in the Mughal Empire. However, it evolved into traditional, formal attire for respectable men such as professors or academics. The sherwani is still the most commonly worn male garment at Muslim weddings today. Many Indian weddings also note the groom dressed in a sherwani for formal ceremonies such as the reception.

Because Sherwanis are always embroidered in silver or gold thread and decorated with elaborate designs, they are most appropriate for wedding ceremonies which is why the advanced designs that are being produced my obtain interest from other cultures because of the quality of this type of garment.

The timeless royalty of Sherwanis simply can't be beat, and that's why it's the go-to outfit for South Asian weddings. Other menswear includes the more casual men's jackets.

New Styles

Most Sherwanis are cut to fall above the knee and are styled with a Mandarin collar (often with buttons at the top of the garment.) Wedding sherwanis tend to be light in color, as to appear more regal.  Reception Sherwanis are slightly similar but are more subtle in embroidery. However, modern sherwanis can be flexible in length, collar design, and colors due to our current generation being so advanced in the clothing industry.

A churidar (the trousers) is worn under the sherwani, loose at the hips and tight around the ankles. A dupatta, or scarf, may be worn around the shoulders as an embellishment to the outfit.

New Designs

Sherwanis are getting more and more better in its beauty as it's never plain and is always made out of nice fabrics, such as silk, satin, or expensive linen. They are generally decorated much like women's clothing - heavily embroidered, beaded, or embellished with floral patterns.

Wedding Sherwanis are notable for having decorated collars, often embroidered or beaded. Comparatively, a formal sherwani worn to a business event might be more plain and monochrome with little to no embroidery.

Because sherwanis are usually only worn to formal events such as dinner parties, awards receptions, or weddings, they are expected to be extravagant. A Sherwani would not be worn to a casual event - as this attire, while similar to a Sherwani, would fall under the category of a men's jacket or kurta instead.


Since 2015 is coming to an end very soon we decided to list the top three Bollywood celebrity weddings this year. We will look at who gets into this anticipated list and show some fantastic images of their weddings, including the Sherwanis of course.


 Shahid Kapoor Wedding

Shahid Kapoor - Mira Rajput

These lovely couples tied their vows this year on July 7th. The marriage was amazing as it was held in Delhi topped off with Shahid dressed in a white Kurta payjama, while Mira wore a green and pink salwar-Kurta. The couple took off to Mumbai a day after their wedding and hosted a grand reception in the city which was attended by Bollywood biggies including megastar Amitabh Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor and many others. This wedding deserves to be in the top three for this year no doubt.


Soha Ali Khan Wedding

Soha Ali Khan - Kunal Khemu

Actress Soha Ali Khan married actor Kunal Khemu in a private ceremony in Mumbai really early into 2015 on January 25th in the presence of select members of her family including mother Sharmila Tagore, brother Saif Ali Khan and sister-in-law Kareena Kapoor. Theirs was the perfect royal family. While the bride looked lovely in a cream and orange lehenga-choli, the groom wore a fabulous white and embossed gold Sherwani with incredible floral patterns. Her sister-in-law, Kareena was spectacular in a champagne-pink sari by famous designer Manish Malhotra. Saif was another idol look alike in a pearl white Sherwani and a pink turban adding to his dapper look.


Kunal Kapoor Wedding

Kunal Kapoor - Naina Bachchan

Last but not least, the daughter of Ajitabh Bachchan (Amitabh Bachchan's younger brother) tied the knot with actor Kunal Kapoor on February 9th 2015. Kunal looked dapper in a blue velvet Sherwani with intricate embroidery on neck and sleeves, whereas Naina sported a beige and maroon lehenga with uncut diamond jewelry. And to end off this magical love story, Abhishek Bachchan later threw a party for his cousin Naina and Kunal, which was attended by British singer Ed Sheeran, SRK's wife Gauri Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan, Imran Khan, Farah Khan and many others.

Perfect Sherwani


The modern groom needs to showcase elegance, power and status when entering to the wedding ceremony and onto the stage by revealing his Sherwani. For those few moments before the bride makes her grand entrance to steal the limelight for the rest of the day, all eyes are focused on the groom and his attire so it is important to have the perfect Sherwani to set the atmosphere. This article will help you buy or hire the perfect Sherwani step by step for you to have the best look on your special day.

The right color

 Firstly, deciding the color scheme for your Sherwani is essential to plan out what theme your whole wedding will be. Your sherwani will need to complement the bridal dress, not the other way around. Luckily, your bride-to-be will already have thought through color schemes in great detail before she ever laid eyes on you.

The good news is that it has never been a better time for wearing colours away from the traditional white and red Sherwanis. This color scheme has been the most effective and popular color decision for a wedding because it has a taste for rich culture.

The right design

The design for your Sherwani will make-or-break your image. A dynamic range of designs exist, from immersive prints, embossed patterns to various levels of embroidery. In another article, we showed the best embellishments to use on your garment as embroidery plays a big role in order to catch the limelight.

The collar, adjacent region and sleeves is where everyone’s eyes will immediately gaze to, so make sure to get plenty of bling there. There also should be some embellishment and designs on the back so it looks equally handsome from every angle.

The right material

Investing your hard earned cash on the right material is very important to consider as you would want to have the best material out there as well as having the best comfort on your day. High grade luxury fabrics like premium silks and cottons and velvet are the popular choices for a Sherwani. No matter how cool the patterns and embroideries are, your look will be tainted if the materials are flimsy and crease easily.

Velvet sherwanis are very current but the most expensive. They will, however, provide a powerfully rich and regal look. Silk sherwanis are the most comfortable to the extent you may not even need to wear a Kurta underneath.

Cotton is the most popular choice allowing for greater embroidery than silk if this is the look you want to pursue.

Sherwani over a Suit

People are willing to spend a handsome amount of money for buying traditional Sherwanis or a classic suit and tie. Considering the increasing demand for designer wear, both sets of garments continue to design a range of beautiful outfits. Here we look at why you would pick a Sherwani over a suit

Reason 1:

Sherwanis have a bigger range of styles, colours and designs filled with elegant and captivating designer sherwani suits to be worn on numerous special occasions. The fact that each Sherwani is specifically designed for an event means its personified just for you. So, if you are looking for high quality and master crafted suits, you don't need to look anywhere else. Sherwanis are the one for you.

Reason 2:

Sherwanis have varying degrees of embroidery. The amount of embroidery you wish to have on your garment is entirely down to you. Unlike suits, Sherwanis offer embellishment to give you the extra 'Oomph' factor and captivates more attention from the audience. Suits are very common in the modern world, most suits are original and have nothing unique about them. Sherwanis has the elements to give it it's own unique style and design.

Reason 3:

Sherwanis can appear in many different looks and shapes. Which gives it a more solitaire and culural look to your appearance. There are many names for the different types such as the Kurtas which can offer an overcoat with another piece of garment on the inside for two different types of colours and styles and each has it own different unique effect on the person.. Short Sherwanis are usually used for reception but also we have particular groom Sherwanis. We have mosaic like patterns enhancing it designs causing a stir amongst our competitors and why not?


If you're a groom that wants to bring out the culture of your ethnic background, Sherwani King have selected some quality charming latest sherwani suit designs, that has witnessed an uproar amongst the community and even been applauded as a result of our own brilliance. This concludes why you should pick a Sherwani over a plain and simple looking suit and tie.

Party Sherwanis

Sherwani King has introduced an online Sherwanis just for parties. These simple are perfect for semi-formal events and can be worn by stags and family members available for hire which is amazing.

The benefits:

Whether you want sparkling Sherwanis or a classic sherwani, Party Sherwanis from the UK, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and many other countries are designed to let you sway with the music and is typically made by embroidery types such as sequins beaded embroidery, metal embroidery, golden thread embroidery, silver bead embroidery etc. The comfort allows you to do whatever you want to do on your day without any stress or pain.

All the designs are extremely delicate, unique and appealing giving men the upper hand when pleasing women. At Sherwani King we believe that even our party sherwanis can be worn for any occasions making sure that you will be the talk of the evening.

The colours you can pick from are infinite, you can match your party theme colours or even mix it up a bit as there is too many shades to pick from. Whether that is white sherwanis, pink sherwanis, blue sherwanis or even black sherwanis, it is impossible to leave without anything once you have started to look.

The party Sherwani styles are in fashion, these ethnic looks give a modern twist enhancing its appeal further. Sherwani King presents a genius stylish range of Sherwani and more for the groom for his special day.

Delhi and Sylhet Sherwani Collection

Sherwani King has finally released the anticipated Delhi and Sylhet Sherwani collections after hard work and commitment to make this beautiful wide range of styles available to the public. It contains over 20 Sherwanis in each collection allowing you to fill your mind with temptation and satisfaction for each well crafted Sherwani. To make it even better, prices have emphatically gone down in hiring prices giving you the powerful benefit of saving a lot of money for a high quality outfit for your special night.

The Delhi Collection

Our magnificent Delhi collection speaks volumes as many people fall in love for it's exquisite beauty. Whether you want a Sikh wedding sherwani from the region of Punjab, the memorising tradition of Hindustan or the culture Muslim look of 'Jammu Kashmir'. This collection provides the answers, solutions to all your problems. These latest Sherwani hire collection designs are stunning and is the perfect attire for weddings, parties and receptions. We have wide variety of colours and styles with varying degrees of embroidery making Delhi one of our highest ranked collection compared to the rest!

If you're a groom to be that wants to bring out the culture of your ethnic background, Sherwani King have selected some quality charming latest sherwani hire designs for the Delhi collection, that has witnessed an uproar amongst the community and even been applauded as a result of our own brilliance.

The Sylhet Collection

Our brand new Sylhet collection differs from the Indian culture and ethnic looks by showing it new styles ensuring that men are in safe hands by the advanced craftsmanship done nevertheless, it also has effectively won many of their critics over. The Islamabad sherwani look is one of our favorites for the Sylhet collection as it snatches any impressions from men and turning it into temptation.

People are willing to spend a handsome amount of money for buying traditional or wedding sherwani hire garments. Considering the increasing demand for designer wear, Sherwani King continues to design a range of elegant and captivating designer sherwani suits to be worn on numerous special occasions, this is why we chose the city of Sylhet to be our next creation.

The Sylhet collection will be composed for special occasions to ensure a variety of different taste in every Sherwani. You be surprised of our variety of styles  The market for men was opened by Bangladesh designers coming up with elegant and dashing Sherwanis for men. Kurta Sherwani, sherwani style trousers, pants styles, nevertheless the dazzling sherwanis itself are the current bestsellers for this collection.

History and Evolution of a Sherwani

The Sherwani has evolved over time and usually reflects the cultural and economic situations that exist in the countries. Currently in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, Sherwanis are preferred for weddings by the grooms mostly. There is a history for Sherwanis that is rich and interesting to see and deserves some commentary for it from Sherwani King. This article will cover most aspects about the Sherwani so you know exactly how amazing these outfits are.

The History of a Sherwani

The first types of Sherwanis started in South Asia and then evolved soon from a decorative outer-coat known as the 'Choga' which was then loosely worn over a 'Jama' or 'Achkan' which is the knee-length coat. The reason why Sherwanis were invented was to represent a court dress of nobility which the royals of the Mughal Empire wore quite often.

During late nineteenth century, Sherwani evolved into more tight fitted coat worn over a Kurta and replaced the most commonly worn 'Achkan' as court dress among nobility and was more generally adopted by early twentieth century. It was chosen over the achkan only because it had most of the aristocracy compared to it, and later by the general population, as a more evolved form of traditional attire.

How Sherwanis grew popular

People began to notice many high ranked and famous people in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh wearing Sherwanis because it was styled in a modest manner that were lightly embroidered and detailed or it was heavily embroidered. Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan frequently wore the Sherwani after winning independence for Pakistan and later on made the Sherwani into it's national dress.

Sherwanis worn by certain communities like Punjabi's and Indians tend to be richly detailed and embroidered. These communities take pride in showing off their wealth and it continues to be the choice for festive celebrations.

It has also become almost customary for bride grooms to wear a Sherwani on their wedding almost always accompanied by a turban and scarf. Wedding sherwanis usually tend to have embroidered collars and have been popularized in recent times by famous designers. One major difference between Sherwani wearing habits in Pakistan is that Pakistanis very rarely wear it with chooridar pyjamas preferring a shalwar instead whilst Bangladeshis and Indians are distinguished by their preference for churidas.

Sherwani Accessories

Sherwanis are now particularly popular for its dense and rich embroidery as it signifies magnificence and style. They are a wonderful attire for your wedding or any other special event. They are available in an astounding variety of shapes, shades of colours and materials with different degrees of embellishment from low to highly attractive and eye catching. White Sherwani, Red Sherwanis and Gold Sherwanis comprise of the most used color selections. Now we have accessories for Sherwanis to try and make it better than it is already.

In this blog post we will go through different types of Sherwani accessories and debate whether they are good to have, why they are becoming more popular to use and if they're just too much to have on you.

What are Sherwani Accessories?

Sherwani Accessories are fashionable items or parts that can be added to your Sherwani for more of an 'Oomph' factor to your appearance on your special day. If you're looking to impress your guests more than the bride or even equal to her then accessories on your Sherwani are for you. As powerful as your Sherwani may look, men will try to get the appearance even more attractive with these things to make the Sherwani or your figure into something unique.

Types of Sherwani Accessories?

There are many different type of Sherwani Accessories that will dazzle your look, so here is a list of what may feature on your Sherwani, or even someone else's Sherwani.

  • Matching Shoes
  • Kurta
  • Turban
  • Brooch
  • Scarves
  • Mojari (Different type of footwear)
  • Pagri (Different type of turban)
  • Kamarband
  • Kalgi
  • Swords

Collage of sherwani accessories

Are they becoming too much to wear?

It raises many thoughts to the public if Sherwani accessories are even important to have on your outfit. The answer simply depends on the persons taste in embroidery on clothing. Many people want as much accessories, embellishment done on an outfit, especially for a wedding to show your are the special and main person of the night. 

Accessories on a Sherwani can be unlimited, however too much would seem a bit silly as it is cutting off the beauty of the main piece of clothing, in which case is the actual Sherwani. there is no need for swords or Brooches as there is no point in having them unless you are willing to hold it throughout your whole event. A minimal selection of accessories are perfect and could be essential to the Sherwani in which case usually are the turbans, scarves, footwear and maybe a Kurta.

Indian Millionaire Son with Bride

Dubai-based Indian millionaire Yogesh Mehta’s only son, Rohan Mehta, married his British-born bride Roshni on November 27th in the Italian city of Florence for a lavish three-day ceremony, which is estimated to have cost a massive 14 million pound.

Yogesh Mehta, who established the Petrochem empire in Dubai in 1995, is listed as one of the top 50 richest Indians in the Gulf countries in 2015. The groom’s father called the special event a “magical RORO wedding,” after the names of the couple who are getting married, in a post on his Twitter account before the ceremony.

If you thought that was enough, the three-day ceremony were attended by more than 500 guests from all over the world, who were put up in luxury hotels around Florence for the extravagant affair.

Groom in a Sherwani with Bride

The only problem that occurred in this dream wedding was the groom was not allowed to make his grand entry on an elephant. That's right, you heard me, an elephant! According to local media, the Florence City Council turned down the request on health and safety and animal welfare concerns which was most likely to happen.

The bride wore a traditional Indian saris, different for each day which impressed the guests amazingly. The groom had a variety in Sherwanis too! for each event which included the 'Mehndi' 'Sangeet' and the wedding itself all which took place in different locations in the city of Florence.

The guests were regaled with a succession of musical and dance acts so everyone was entertained during the succession of feasts. To top everything off, Rohan also joined along showing off his dancing prowess whilst sporting a fashionable red Sherwani!


Are reception Sherwanis important?

A question that might be on people's mind is 'Are reception Sherwanis important to wear?' or even 'Why are they important to have?' In this blog post we will cover why you may want to have a second look at receptions Sherwanis, especially the collection Sherwani King provides, it's impossible to leave without an outfit. 

What are Reception Sherwanis?

The idea of having a reception Sherwani is for you to excite and tantalize people who will anticipate what type, style and colours your main Sherwani will have at your upcoming Wedding or even after your the main event which is for you to relax in for your comfort or even for an after party so you don't damage your main outfit. 

So why are they important to have?

Having a reception Sherwani can provide many benefits to your special day, specifically for your wedding night. It all comes down to what events you are planning to do after the wedding or even on your wedding day. Reception Sherwanis are known to be like a back-up to the primary Sherwani just in case if anything goes wrong with it on your main day, which is why it is essential to have this type of outfit if you're looking to impress twice on your night or even for your comfort.

It is also color friendly, these designs have many different shades from you to pick so it doesn't consume time looking for one. The normal color selections made for a reception are darker shades as lighter shades are usually picked for the bigger event. The most picked and suggested color that is appropriate for this event would normally have the groom-to-be wearing a black Sherwani, More favorites and often picked colours are brown Sherwanis, purple Sherwanis, Green Sherwanis or even Orange Sherwanis. They also look much alike to wedding designed Sherwanis, so the embroidery and threading is just as fantastic and complex as you main outfit.

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