Following an intense vote, The SK team unanimously agree to update the website theme.

Our new theme launch is Scheduled for the 15th August.

Indulge in our world when we return with our fascinating new styles from the four corners of the world.

See you soon...

Sherwani King PR Team

Ramadan is always a difficult time in the middle east. Eateries are closed all day, the streets are quite and theres almost a mist of Death Valley NV in the air. Although demanding, our team has endured the challenge with plenty of commitment, hard work and bottles of Evian. We are now looking forward to creating some amazing videos of our adventures to share with the world

Due to refurbishment work starting at our London Boutique, We are excited to acquire our new warehouse and studio in Solihull. This will serve as the current operational base for Sherwani King UK as we offer better services for our clients. At our Solihull studio, full styling and pro photography and videography studio services will enable our clients to experience the best service for their special events.

After much deliberation and hard work, Sherwani King has completed its creation of the first group of Dubai Sherwanis. They consist of varying colours and styles that were inspired by the glamour and metropolis lifestyle that draws millions to this 8th wonder every year.

Welcome to the Sherwani King Beta Store.

We will be launching our final version on the 15th July 2015 Live with all our Exclusive Ranges.

Remember not to order anything just yet as we may not deliver in time

Onwards and Upwards

Sherwani King Tech Team

3 months in the making, Sherwani king has completed its diverse market analysis report from 4 continents. Markets and consumers were explored in Dubai, India, Pakistan, Bali, Qatar, Istanbul, Rabat, London and New York.

The research has provided the company an extensive foresight in to the global market and help shape the growth of Sherwani King in future global markets. We thanks all the agencies, suppliers, designers and PR for all their support during the creation of this report.

We cannot publish the report for confidentiality, however we are pleased to reveal that the future of Sherwani Hire is bright and prosperous on a Global Scale.

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