Sherwani Hire Agreement

Sherwani King Hire Agreement

Hire Duration 

Hires are available for a 5 day or 10 day duration. If you need to hire the product for longer periods you can contact us here. We suggest you to book your Sherwanis to arrive 1-2 days prior to your event to ensure you have plenty of time to ensure the perfect look.

Day 1 - Receive your Sherwani and try it on  
Day 2 - Prepare for your special event with accessories 
Day 3 - Wear it and look fabulous in your stunning look 
Day 4 - Return your hired garments via the shipping courier by 12 p.m


There is no security deposit for Sherwani Hire. You will just pay for the cost of hiring.


Sherwani King products are shipped and worn all over the world. We offer shipping options to all countries in our checkout page. Extend your hire to 10 days if ordering international to allow sufficient time for shipping before and after your event.


If you have a hired Sherwani and would like to keep it then Contact Us and just let us know you would like to keep it.  We will charge you for the retail price of the Sherwani and the hire fee you've already paid will go towards the retail price of the Sherwani.


If hiring online and the items do not meet your requirements, Choose one of the following options: 

Option 1:  Return item and choose another Sherwani. In most cases, we can overnight another Sherwani in time for your event. Contact Sherwani King and we'll ship you another Sherwani. 

Option 2:  Return it and receive a full credit (less the cost of delivery) if none of the Sherwanis in your order fit.  To receive a credit, Contact Us within 24 hours after receiving your order. 


We will only charge the payment card for the hired value of your garments. If the item is not returned, or damaged beyond repair then we will invoice for a second payment equal to the retail value of the goods (up to 250% of 5 day hire fee)


If you have decided to keep the Sherwani and want to purchase it, just Contact Us and let us know.  We will charge you the retail price of the Sherwani at the time you notify us and the hire fee you have already paid for will apply towards the retail price of the Sherwani.  


For oder cancellations, email stating you would like to cancel your order. You may cancel your hire order at least 14 days prior to the ordered delivery date, subject to a restocking fee of £25


In cases where the Sherwani is lost or major damage to the Sherwani has occurred where the Sherwani can no longer be rented out then you will be liable to pay the retail price of the Sherwani (maximum 250% of 5 day hire cost).


You can cover yourself for certain damages by purchasing the Damage Waiver available at Sherwani King Services.


A late return is subject to fees at a rate of £25 per day for every day that your order is late.  You can read our complete Terms of Service policy.  


No alterations, no matter how small or minor they may be, are allowed to a hire Sherwani. If you require any alterations, please order these via Sherwani King prior to your delivery using the Alterations Service.