White Silk Waistcoat with Multi Coloured Handmade Embroidered Pattern
White Silk Waistcoat with Multi Coloured Handmade Embroidered Pattern
White Silk Waistcoat with Multi Coloured Handmade Embroidered Pattern

    White Silk Waistcoat with Multi Coloured Handmade Embroidered Pattern


      Make a colorful appearance in this radiant waistcoat, made from the finest silk. Beautiful embroidered patterns in green, lilac and magenta make this waistcoat ideal for that special occasion.

      This item is perfect for Menhdi, Sangeet, Jago, Nikkah Ceremonies and Receptions for Grooms and Groomsmen.

      Quantity Discount is available for Groups of 5+ on this product.

      This item is available to purchase from sherwanisale.com

      Bespoke Set

      With our Bespoke Service, This Suit is made to your exact Specification.


      This Bespoke Waistcoat will be made for your exact body sizing. We recommend you book an appointment at one of our Showrooms to submit your sizes.

      Please Click Here to Submit your size if you wish to order this Bespoke Waistcoat Online.

      Alternatively, you can order the sample (Medium) for express delivery. Adjustments (if required) can be specified after delivery.


      This Suit requires 6 weeks for completion. 3-week priority service is also available for an added charge and subject to availability.

      Full payment is required for bespoke Waistcoats when ordering online. If visiting our showroom, you can place your order with a 50% deposit.

      Once your Suit is ready, the remaining balance can be paid upon collection; or prior to dispatch if delivery is requested.

      What We Offer

      Bespoke Sherwanis

      Sherwani King are specialise in creating Bespoke Sherwanis for Grooms. Not only do we have a vast range of Maharaja Sherwanis and Light Sherwanis, we also provide a free custom design service where you can create an individual design based on your own inspiration.

      We provide a complete bespoke service for Grooms. This includes all aspects of a Groom's outfit including The Sherwani, Inner Shirt, Trousers, Shoes, Shawls, Turban, Sword, Neck Jewellery, Turban Jewellery and Belts.

      Worried about your size? Our expert stylists understand the requirements of Grooms sizing and are able to work with any regime you may be currently on, helping you with precise fittings that are guaranteed to make you feel amazing on the big day.


      Our Bespoke Sherwani service is provided at a highly competitive price range of £595 - £1295 for complete Groom Packages.

      Bespoke Tuxedos

      Over the years wedding receptions have evolved significantly and so have the Groom's Formal Suits. Wearing a Tailor-Made designer suit no longer differentiates the main man as such looks are accessible to most guests at the party.

      Sherwani King has lead the industry in this area and consistently create wedding tuxedos for Men that truly understand the importance of standing out from the crowd and making a long lasting statement in the imagination of their guests.

      With a wide variety of premium and exclusive fabrics to choose from, a Bespoke Sherwani King Tuxedo will not only look the part when fitted, but also give you a glowing confidence that will ensure you are the rock-star of the party.


      Our Bespoke Tuxedo Packages Including Jacket, Waistcoat, Shirt and Trousers are created and fitted for Just £695.

      Groomsmen Themed Suits

      With all guests at events striving to make an impression, it is essential for the closest friends and family to stand apart from the rest. Just a little consideration to the groomsmen theme can set your event apart significantly and create some memorable images from the night.

      For all our Grooms, Sherwani King help create a groomsmen theme which is stylish, convenient and cost effective for maximum participation. We have a diverse range of options for all ages and have experience in tailoring for events of all sizes; from 1 best man- to over 100 outfits for multiple day events.

      For added convenience, we even offer a fitting out-call service in which our tailor would visit your hometown or desired location to take measurements for groups of 8+.


      Our Groomsmen Bespoke Waistcoat or Sherwani Packages range from £140-£350 Per person.

      Please book your appointment today to for an experience that is the best in the industry or call us on +44(0)121 227 6830 for assistance.