Changing Wedding trends in 2016

by Moon Rashid on May 19, 2016

Over the years, many different trends have embraced the Asian wedding scene in the UK.


Take the wedding car hire as an example, conventionally we always saw luxury Rolls Royces carrying the bride and groom home from their big day. Not any more. We now see more and more Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Porches embracing the red carpet on the big day.


Let’s take a look at wedding venues. The trends have come a long way from community halls and schools were family members would serve up self-catered cuisines and scores of people sitting in rounds on limited seating. Again, this has moved on to dedicated banqueting halls and hotels providing a fully managed, staffed catering service where guests and family enjoy a seamless experience.


And the of course we have Mens Wedding Sherwanis. Historically these have been ordered through uncles and Aunties in India and Pakistan. Over the last decade we have seen a spike of UK Sherwani designers creating bespoke ranges that cater for the most demanding of Grooms. And now, of course, the practicality of an online Sherwani for hire in the UK is taking off. Many conventional Sherwani Designers in the UK are turning towards offering a hire service as it definitely is becoming the trend for the future which will be here to stay.


Offering a Sherwani Hire service however is a very challenging proposition to offer. In order to meet client demands, suppliers effectively need to cater for a full variety of sizes, designs, colours and styles. This requires stocking of huge collections that provide enough choice for the customer to choose their best style. This is why Sherwani King, as the pioneer in wedding Sherwani Hire is unique. With over 200 styles to choose from, customers will always find the look, style and fitting that is required to glamorize their event.

 Sherwani Trends 2016

So if you are one to keep up with trends, next time you are looking for a Sherwani you can head over to and find the perfect match for your event.