Top 5 Embellishments For Your Sherwani

by Chris Warren on December 15, 2015

Embroidered Sherwani

Having some sort of embroidery is quite important when you look for the right Sherwani. Different types of embroidery give a unique appearance to the garment and effects the crowd in different ways. The more embellishments you have, the higher your chances are to catch even more attention from the audience because of how attractive it can be. The less embroidery a Sherwani features would make it look rather unappealing and as attractive. Here we look at the top five embellishments you may want to consider when you buy or create your own Sherwani.



Zadozi Sherwani

It's the best embellishment used on a Sherwani. It is commonly used and a favorite for most designer Sherwanis because of how artistic it is. Zardozi is form of embroidery that came to India from Persia. Its literal translation, “zar” meaning gold and “dozi” meaning embroidery, refers to the process of using metallic-bound threads to sew embellishment on to various fabrics. This heavy and intricate style of design is said to have been brought to India with the Mughal conquerors.


 Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski Stones Sherwani

This particular embellishment is astonishing in the eyes, Swarovski crystals can play a big part on your Sherwani, especially on that special day.  Swarovski crystals are the precision-cut, beautiful, high quality lead glass crystals using quartz, sand, and minerals to produce this beautiful embroidery. It looks even better on a Sherwani with an artistic design as it just completes the image. If you want the ultimate shine, these crystals can make a Sherwani twice as better.



Sequins on Sherwanis

Any bit of intricate pattern done on a Sherwani is not complete without sequins. Sequins are small shining disks, often made of colored metal foil or plastic taking the shape of a circle. They come in many colors and could even be tinted in with rainbow colours for the ultimate dazzle. The use of sequins in Sherwanis has evolved into unique art forms in different parts of the world. Cultures like India, Egypt, Pakistan and Bangladesh sewed these metal disks onto cloth as decoration and symbols of wealth and status. You are not complete without this form of embroidery as sequins give you the shine from every angle.



Beads on Sherwanis

If you want the colours on your Sherwani to brighten up even more, beads are the solution for that problem. Beads are circular objects that combine with threading to make necklaces vertical or horizontal patterns. The best thing about beads is that it can be made out of any material such as plastic, wood, glass and metals. This means not only is this embellishment very convenient to choose from but it allows you to match whatever design you wish to have on your Sherwani.



Gemstone Sherwanis

And finally, we move onto our last bit of embroidery which is gemstones. These are very similar to Swarovski crystals however, they tend to be larger in size and come in different shapes. It is a semi-precious stone, especially one cut, polished, and used in a piece of jewelry. In Sherwanis they vibrantly add more light, attraction and color because of how illuminating it can be. It is usually places in between a pattern that revolves around the gem to make it seem very precious. Gemstones are perfect for the men who want all the glitterati.