6 Sherwani Styles You Must Know

by Sonam Saarsar on February 05, 2016




You’ll be surprised to know that there are more than 6 sherwani styles that you can wear on different occasions. Every style is unique and trendy in its own way with fascinating designs.

If you are still unaware of them, let’s take a look at these styles.

  1. Chipkan Style sherwani

Inspired by the ancient tradition and culture, this Indian sherwani is the reflection of royalty. The design of Chipkan style is driven from the Mughal period which lay the emphasis on the style of kings and rulers of the 18th century.


 If you are planning for a royal look for an occasion, this will perfectly match your style. Wear it with royal accessories to add to the look.


  1. Achkan Style Sherwani

In order to ploy the cultural effect of those ancient styles, this style is what describes the glory of sherwanis. It stands out in all the other sherwani styles and looks elegant for a wedding occasion. Online sherwani hire is a great option to test this!


  1. Angrakha Sherwani

If you desire to show your upper body part, go for Angrakha design. This design is most loved for the men in perfect shape and health as it glorifies their physique. This is perfect for men with a perfect body.


  1. Printed Modern Sherwani

Printed modern Sherwani is a phenomenal mix of culture and modern style. This sherwani is rich in different patterns, offering a magnificent work of art and design; everything about this sherwani style will make you fall in love with it.  

If you desire to look picture perfect, book a Sherwani on rent from this style.


  1. Pakistani Sherwani

This sherwani has a unique style in it. This style is popular in Indian wedding also. The colour and embroidery of these sherwanis are eminent and classic.

This will look splendid in any wedding function.


  1. Jacket style sherwani

This style is undoubtedly magnificent in its looks. It’s inspired by the princely state. Made with raw silk, Banarasi and Jamwar stone, these sherwanis are admired for antique look and designs.