How To Wear a Sherwani Perfectly

by Sonam Saarsar on February 23, 2016

Perfect Sherwani Style

Men’s sherwani has come a long way. This is no longer just a style; it’s how a gentleman carries his attire in a traditional yet classic manner. A classic sherwani is a great option! Apart from adding the Indian or Pakistani touch, this gives you a reason to stand out. Let’s quickly look at some of the points that you need to keep in mind.

  • Proper Sherwani footwear

Suitable footwear is what will give a splendid look to your attire; match your sherwani with a pair of Mojari or jooti that go perfectly with the dress. But take care that your footwear must not have too many embellishments as that can spoil the whole fun. Try to keep it simple yet classy.

  • Accessorize Sherwani optimally

Over accessorizing could turn up as a disaster. Keep it appropriate by wearing accessorizes that are required. A pocket square or a silk stole can work wonders on your sherwani giving a mix of traditional and classic look. Team-up your sherwani with a contrasting turban (only if the occasion permits) to add a royal look to your attire.

  • Sharp fitting Sherwani

Sherwanis are potent enough to drop elegance on your look but, at the same time, it can destroy the whole style if wore un-fitted.

Either, choose a sherwani of your body shape or alter it according to your body. Now keep in mind the kind of sherwani you are wearing is of what type. If you are opting for a mandarin collar (Band-Gala), make sure it fits your neck and doesn’t clutch it too hard.

  • Never go solo

It important! Never go solo and wear something inside your sherwani as it can be uncomfortable wearing it otherwise. Traditionally, a wedding sherwani is worn over a kurta but, if you don’t want to wear it like that, it’s fine; you can go for a vest or a tee shirt inside.