The Cost of British Weddings and Our Attitudes

by Moon Rashid on February 26, 2016

Wedding Costs in the UK

For decades men have been spending big on their weddings, and watching their most expensive memory away over time has probably been the biggest sting in the tail of their cherished events.

This is not uncommon for even the modern men. After planning wedding that warrants a re-mortgage of their house,  Grooms today are feeling the sting just as much if not more, as the cost of their weddings have made an evolution over time that is widely accepted but hardly warranted and needed.

British Wedding Sherwani HireOf-course, you can always get the bride to contribute as many willingly do so, but is this really a solution? Is that how you want to begin the most memorable partnership of your life? With a hangover of an event bill you will probably spend your mid life years paying off?
Many Grooms feel unsettled with the cost of their weddings in the modern age. Average asian wedding in britain racks up a bill of £50,000, a small fortune that less and less of men are prepared to pay.

More and more men are changing their attitude towards weddings. They feel there are far better investments in their future than a huge flamboyant event that no matter how high you raise the bar, there will still be room for more. And if you do set the bar to an unmatchable level then you will simply find that someone else has taken it a notch further after your wedding.

These concepts are clearly not growing in the minds of the modern men. The wise and educated feel this fad is not likely to last and are breaking trends by choosing simple events, low guest numbers and creating an intimate and genuine surrounding for their wedding. 

They are happy with a smaller venue, classy and tasty menu within 3 courses, an elegant car hire for just the bride and groom, and maybe a Sherwani Hire that does not add to the continuing cost misery bestowed on the young couples of today.

So if you are a couple looking to get married, remember that it doesn't have to be a high flying event based on artificial trends. The most important persons at the end of your wedding day will remain you and your partner, both of which care less about the fads and more about the start of this beautiful journey you are about to embark on. Don't allow the journey to be crippled by costs you will be paying for in years to come...