A One Direction Hashtag Causes a Big Burst of Excitement in India!

by Fayed Hussain on December 10, 2015

Earlier this year, One Direction's singerLiam Payne says the words "One Direction" and "India" in one sentence. Liam Payne read out a sign board during a recent concert, that said, "One Direction India" and the Indian Directioners have already taken it upon themselves that this means they can make a 1D concert happen in India.

This began to break out into the social media world and started it off with a worldwide hashtag #IndiaSmellsA1DConcert which has become one of the top trends on Twitter this year. Twitter was flooded with responsible Indian directioners re-tweeting these hashtags and working towards making #IndiaSmellsA1Dconcert a worldwide trend, in the hope that the British lads notice them and decide to visit India.

One Direction


Here's some hardcore evidence of Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson's India connection. Tomlinson and Malik performed bhangra dancing with such epic swag that any Desi heart would have faint in astonishment. Not just that, they wore these latest indian sherwanis to set the atmosphere and bring out the rich culture. Take a deep breath, find a seat and then, take a look:


 So what do you think of this story, We are sure that soon enough we will see One Direction at the heart of India performing for their fans from around the world.