Indian Millionaire Splashes £14 Million Pounds on Son's Wedding!

by Fayed Hussain on December 10, 2015

Indian Millionaire Son with Bride

Dubai-based Indian millionaire Yogesh Mehta’s only son, Rohan Mehta, married his British-born bride Roshni on November 27th in the Italian city of Florence for a lavish three-day ceremony, which is estimated to have cost a massive 14 million pound.

Yogesh Mehta, who established the Petrochem empire in Dubai in 1995, is listed as one of the top 50 richest Indians in the Gulf countries in 2015. The groom’s father called the special event a “magical RORO wedding,” after the names of the couple who are getting married, in a post on his Twitter account before the ceremony.

If you thought that was enough, the three-day ceremony were attended by more than 500 guests from all over the world, who were put up in luxury hotels around Florence for the extravagant affair.

Groom in a Sherwani with Bride

The only problem that occurred in this dream wedding was the groom was not allowed to make his grand entry on an elephant. That's right, you heard me, an elephant! According to local media, the Florence City Council turned down the request on health and safety and animal welfare concerns which was most likely to happen.

The bride wore a traditional Indian saris, different for each day which impressed the guests amazingly. The groom had a variety in Sherwanis too! for each event which included the 'Mehndi' 'Sangeet' and the wedding itself all which took place in different locations in the city of Florence.

The guests were regaled with a succession of musical and dance acts so everyone was entertained during the succession of feasts. To top everything off, Rohan also joined along showing off his dancing prowess whilst sporting a fashionable red Sherwani!