3 Reasons Why You Would Pick a Sherwani Over a Suit!

by Chris Warren on December 15, 2015

Sherwani over a Suit

People are willing to spend a handsome amount of money for buying traditional Sherwanis or a classic suit and tie. Considering the increasing demand for designer wear, both sets of garments continue to design a range of beautiful outfits. Here we look at why you would pick a Sherwani over a suit

Reason 1:

Sherwanis have a bigger range of styles, colours and designs filled with elegant and captivating designer sherwani suits to be worn on numerous special occasions. The fact that each Sherwani is specifically designed for an event means its personified just for you. So, if you are looking for high quality and master crafted suits, you don't need to look anywhere else. Sherwanis are the one for you.

Reason 2:

Sherwanis have varying degrees of embroidery. The amount of embroidery you wish to have on your garment is entirely down to you. Unlike suits, Sherwanis offer embellishment to give you the extra 'Oomph' factor and captivates more attention from the audience. Suits are very common in the modern world, most suits are original and have nothing unique about them. Sherwanis has the elements to give it it's own unique style and design.

Reason 3:

Sherwanis can appear in many different looks and shapes. Which gives it a more solitaire and culural look to your appearance. There are many names for the different types such as the Kurtas which can offer an overcoat with another piece of garment on the inside for two different types of colours and styles and each has it own different unique effect on the person.. Short Sherwanis are usually used for reception but also we have particular groom Sherwanis. We have mosaic like patterns enhancing it designs causing a stir amongst our competitors and why not?


If you're a groom that wants to bring out the culture of your ethnic background, Sherwani King have selected some quality charming latest sherwani suit designs, that has witnessed an uproar amongst the community and even been applauded as a result of our own brilliance. This concludes why you should pick a Sherwani over a plain and simple looking suit and tie.