How To Buy or Hire The Perfect Sherwani!

by Fayed Hussain on December 15, 2015

Perfect Sherwani


The modern groom needs to showcase elegance, power and status when entering to the wedding ceremony and onto the stage by revealing his Sherwani. For those few moments before the bride makes her grand entrance to steal the limelight for the rest of the day, all eyes are focused on the groom and his attire so it is important to have the perfect Sherwani to set the atmosphere. This article will help you buy or hire the perfect Sherwani step by step for you to have the best look on your special day.

The right color

 Firstly, deciding the color scheme for your Sherwani is essential to plan out what theme your whole wedding will be. Your sherwani will need to complement the bridal dress, not the other way around. Luckily, your bride-to-be will already have thought through color schemes in great detail before she ever laid eyes on you.

The good news is that it has never been a better time for wearing colours away from the traditional white and red Sherwanis. This color scheme has been the most effective and popular color decision for a wedding because it has a taste for rich culture.

The right design

The design for your Sherwani will make-or-break your image. A dynamic range of designs exist, from immersive prints, embossed patterns to various levels of embroidery. In another article, we showed the best embellishments to use on your garment as embroidery plays a big role in order to catch the limelight.

The collar, adjacent region and sleeves is where everyone’s eyes will immediately gaze to, so make sure to get plenty of bling there. There also should be some embellishment and designs on the back so it looks equally handsome from every angle.

The right material

Investing your hard earned cash on the right material is very important to consider as you would want to have the best material out there as well as having the best comfort on your day. High grade luxury fabrics like premium silks and cottons and velvet are the popular choices for a Sherwani. No matter how cool the patterns and embroideries are, your look will be tainted if the materials are flimsy and crease easily.

Velvet sherwanis are very current but the most expensive. They will, however, provide a powerfully rich and regal look. Silk sherwanis are the most comfortable to the extent you may not even need to wear a Kurta underneath.

Cotton is the most popular choice allowing for greater embroidery than silk if this is the look you want to pursue.