Top 3 Sherwani Designers 2015

by Fayed Hussain on December 21, 2015


In the modern era, Sherwanis are used on weddings, parties and other special events making these outfits very important. An Asian wedding is not complete without a wedding Sherwani as it is recognized as the most commonly used suit for this event. Indian designers have introduced unique and amazing styles on Sherwanis that are worn on these special gatherings. In this article we will look at the top three designers of 2015.

1. Rohit Bal

Black and white Sherwani


Rohit Bal is a fashion designer from New Delhi, India. He designs for both men and women. Bal started his very own collection of Sherwanis from 1990. His fantastic designs go from traditional Sherwanis, modern Sherwanis, Indo-western Sherwanis and many more. His beautiful collection suits many ages from young to old people giving everyone a taste of rich designs regardless of your age.


2. JJ Valaya

Black White & Red Sherwani


JJ Valaya is a noted Indian fashion designer from New Delhi, India. The reason why we listed him onto the top three is due to his sublime designs and the unique patterns formed to create these perfect Sherwanis. He has been designing for men and women for the past 20 years along with his brother. They also introduce Sherwani designs that are made for day functions as it gives consumers lots of choice because of the different color variety.


3. Rajesh Pratap Singh

Brown Sherwani


Rajesh Pratap Singh is a noted fashion designer from India, based in New Delhi. Singh started his line of men's and women's clothing in 1997. Some of the fines quality Sherwani designs especially for grooms are designed by this man. Singh's designs are a classic example of Indian traditional style Sherwani and western innovative clothing. He is also very noticeable for his unique Sherwanis for young people.