The Big Rivals 2 - Red Sherwanis vs Blue Sherwanis

by Fayed Hussain on December 22, 2015
Red Sherwanis vs Blue Sherwanis

In this article we look at the preference of the colors red and blue, the clash of rivalry between these two colors are very popular. In Sherwanis however, it's a different story. It all comes down to this debate of which color gets the pick. We will look at the advantages and disadvantages of each color and which is the most popular used in Sherwanis in the modern era.

Why should you buy a Red Sherwani?

Red has many positive and negative connotations such as danger, battle, anger however the positive connotations fits best for a Sherwani purpose, signifying love, romance and passion. Wearing a red Sherwani is usually on of the most often picked colors especially for a special event such as a traditional wedding or even a reception. This is because the primary colors for a wedding Sherwani is usually mixed with white, gold and red itself. This is mostly because these primary colors brings out the richness of a culture, especially for countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Red is also a really good color to contrast with as it is friendly to mix up with other bright colours such as a red and gold Sherwani, white and red Sherwani, red and blue Sherwani and many other combinations as red is a color that brings out the most out using other shades, and this in a Sherwani is an important factor for men who not only just wants red as a single color for their Sherwani.

Why you should not buy a Red Sherwani?

Red is still a highly attractive color we know that however trying on a red Sherwani also may not suit your body or skin tone as it may look too bright for you or too dim, finding the right shade of red could become quite stressful and time consuming to try and find one. It would be easier finding an even better color without many issues.

Red is also very similar to it's similar colors such as dark orange, maroon, burgundy or purple which could end up confusing you. Especially when it looks like an exact red but you later find out it isn't which is why you should consider this as a warning if you were to purchase a red Sherwani.

Why should you buy a Blue Sherwani?

Blue, it has 100% positive and powerful connotations trying to symbolize trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intelligence which is the reason why many people wear blue clothing and accessories over any other color. Statistics even prove that blue and the color black is the most commonly used color in clothing and accessories whether that is tops, trousers, jewelry, shoes etc. Blue is very friendly to feature the best embroidery and materials to create a beautiful Indo-western outfit.

The best reason why blue Sherwanis are mainly used in the modern era is only because it offers a wide range of different designs and styles allowing a person to find the perfect Sherwani in no time. This is mainly why people may choose a blue Sherwani over red. It also offers more convenience to other occasions such as parties, formal events, receptions and more because of how eye-catching a blue Sherwani looks.

Why you should not buy a Blue Sherwani?

A disadvantage to blue is that is cannot be matched with a lot of colors because of how bright this color is. The choices are very limited and the often picked contrasting colors between blue Sherwanis are blue and red Sherwanis or blue and white Sherwanis.