Are Tailored Sherwanis Really Necessary?

by Fayed Hussain on December 22, 2015
Tailored Sherwani

What is a tailor?

A tailor is a person whose occupation is to make clothes such as suits, trousers, and jackets to fit on individual customers to the perfect size. In this article we will be covering if tailoring a Sherwani is necessary to do.

Why tailor a Sherwani?

Like most of us, we usually tend to buy clothing pre made due to the fact that it is quicker to purchase, will have specific sizes available. It is also because you get to choose from the wide range of designs from different clothing stores. However, The problem with that is some types of clothing are not strongly made and the well made ones are too expensive. They are also produced at limited sizes which makes it not suitable for everyone.

This is why we have tailors, One can buy a Sherwani that he really wants and is suitable to be tailored with allowing a tailor to modify a Sherwani anyway he wishes to have it. Another advantage of tailoring a Sherwani is that it will be created according to your size and you will have full control on the measurement. You can be assured that the tailored suit will compliment your figure. No matter how simple a dress is, the person wearing a perfectly fit dress will always look at its best.

Why shouldn't you tailor a Sherwani

There are some points to take on before you think you should tailor your Sherwani. Buying pre-made Sherwanis with the closest size as possible to you, specifically the chest region can still work out as a size will stay fixed and accurate for it's measurement. You will be sure to save a lot of money by purchasing a ready made Sherwani as if you're considering the cost of the repair of the outfit, it will add up to a very high amount as it is definitely not free to tailor.

It usually takes a lot of time to process once you have given the measurements to the tailor, unless you have payed extra to get it done faster. This could lead to an issue, as the tailor may still have to do more improvements to the Sherwani if something ends up wrong and miscalculated with the measurements. You must be very patient and your information has to be precise otherwise it will delay your chances of getting your Sherwani straight away.