What's Hot & What's Not - Trending Sherwanis

by Fayed Hussain on December 23, 2015
Trending Sherwanis


In this article, we want to look at what’s hot in groom fashion for this year's wedding season and next year's. From neutral colours to subtle sherwanis, to a growing focus on accessories, groom fashion has evolved in the recent past so we will take a look at what's currently being mostly used and what isn't, so you are caught up with the present on which Sherwanis are the best to have.

So, What's hot?

Very surprisingly, Short Sherwanis, Achkans and Bandhgalas are currently the most used for men this year, whether that's for weddings or formal events. Designers even mention that this will follow on to 2016. The unique detailing such as mild embroidery, innovative cuts and tailor-made drapes are in high fashion this season even if that is for a normal Sherwani.

The accessory game is starting to toughen up and gain more attention. This could be classic traditional shoes, a turban, brooches, pocket squares and a scarf that makes the right ingredients to add that extra oomph to your classic ensemble which will enhance your appearance.

Sherwanis with classic Kurtas with pre-draped dhotis are also catching on the trend as they can be used for more than one occasion. This is because Kurtas are seen as very versatile in the modern era due to it's designs and structure.

What's not?

In the past, we saw men wearing heavily embroidered Sherwanis and opulent accessories like Safa, jeweled broaches, neck-pieces and many more. Now the trend has begun to change as men now are moving to the subtle embellishments, exclusive handmade buttons, richer fabrics and trimmed detailed work.

This is because people are beginning to realize there is no value for a Sherwani after using it just for one occasion. It is also because of how versatile they're beginning to come which adds to the value of comfort for the wearer, unlike a heavily embroidered Sherwani hurting you and feeling very uncomfortable.

Sherwanis with very little prints and patterns as well as no fashionable style it will show that your outfit is not impacted on anyone because of how plain and less sophisticated it looks compared to other people.