Top 3 Special Occasions To Wear a Sherwani

by Chris Warren on December 29, 2015

Special Occasions 

Most likely, men are bound to know when to wear a Sherwani for a special occasion however, there are some people that would like to know what type of special occasions you would wear this Indo-western suit. So, we will list the top five types of occasions where you may want to celebrate in style with a nice Sherwani so let's jump in...



Wedding Sherwani


Whether you're the host or attending a wedding, a sherwani fulfills the job for weddings as that is what they are usually designed for. You can find cheap plain Sherwanis or even a heavy or mildly embroidered Sherwani as the list carries on. This is perfect for a wedding if you're looking to be the center of attention and the limelight. We know the bride will be completely bejeweled with embroidery which is why it is important to wear a Sherwani that has embellishments too which allows you to match with your partner.



Anniversary Sherwani


Celebrating your anniversary can feel like a milestone which is really important. Celebrating your marriage from a short or long period of time allows you to re-live your moments together when you initially got married. Hosting some sort of party would be appropriate for an anniversary and to top that off, wearing a Sherwani once again allows you to embrace and take in the attention once again. It is very worthy to celebrate your anniversary so do it in style and re-live your past.


Birthday Parties

Birthday Sherwanis


Having a birthday party is always good fun, especially when you are slightly older which allows you to invite more people to have fun together. If you're planning on a fancy party or even a normal thrilling party a Sherwani will allow you to grab that stage and show you're in control. Especially if you're the only unique person in your party with a different colour theme. This is another special occasion where you may would like to wear a Sherwani in.