The Best Formal Suit - Achkan vs Bandhgala

Formal Suits - Achkans vs Bandhgalas


When people browse to find formal wear whether that is a Sherwani or a normal suit and tie, they look for the best formal suit they can find which includes the trending Sherwanis or suits or the most popular Sherwanis or suits which is why we will cover this topic in this article by comparing Achkans to Bandhgalas. Two new fashionable outfits that are starting to compete with normal suits and ties and tuxedos.


What is an Achkan?



An Achkan is a long length coat buttoned in front, worn by men from South Asia, particularly in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and in Pakistan very much like the Sherwani. To go into more depth, what makes an Achkan different from the other styles of Sherwani is its smooth and light fabric. It is a long-­sleeved Rajasthani jacket with a breast pocket on the left hand side, reaching down to the knees & buttoned in front, up to the neck.

Throughout the time Achkan's have developed, they have created something very similar to the outfit called the 'Nehru Jacket' which is an even shortened form of the Achkan itself replicating more and more like a suit or tuxedo.

Achkans are generally worn to weddings, however because it's style is so highly attractive because of it's simplicity and isn't over the top, it can make a statement for special occasions like parties, formal events and gatherings. 

Also, if you are wearing an Achkan, one can combine the outfit with different accessories to complement this fine attire. It is generally worn to weddings but can make a splendid style statement for occasions like parties, social banquet gatherings and even fashion shows.


What is a Bandhgala?



Bandhgalas define fashion, it's a masterpiece creation very similar to a Sherwani in it's form however it is much more similar to a suit or tuxedo because of its short length coat replicating a blazer with buttons. The Bandhgalas are made from lightweight and custom-made in breeding fabrics, and the jacket itself became synonymous with both cultural for traditional weddings and as formal party wear.

Over the ages for the Bandhgalas, the materials and styles evolved to acquire a firmer feel, better appearance and attractive making it more amenable to being structured into a super-tailored look with the elegant shoulder pads, interlinings and various other ingredients borrowed from the Sherwani overcoats too.

The whole point of Bandhgalas need to be cut precisely to suit every contour of the wearer's body which is what they are designed for specifically. Compared to tailored suits and tuxedos, a traditional bandhgala jacket is cut close to body measurements, giving it a unique fit rarely seen in an off-the-shelf purchase.

The more classic you keep the look of a Bandhgala, the more it's likely to enhance your character because it's not supposed to be heavily embroidered with many accessories as it can make you feel negatively interpreted in different ways by people.

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