3 Amazing Features on our Website!

by Fayed Hussain on January 06, 2016
Sherwani King Website


Our website is filled with many surprises, you may even think hiring or buying a Sherwani online isn't possible because you're too worried of maybe purchasing the wrong Sherwani or you might need to see it in real life first.

After some hard work and dedication we have finally created one of the best websites you will ever find if you're in need of a nice Sherwani. We researched and planned what features are perfect to use on our website. This article will cover three of our best features you would use to help you find the best Sherwani possible.


1. The Easy Filtering!

Filtering Sherwanis


We know that finding the right Sherwani can take a lot of time and grinding which is why we have developed our filtering options into more detail, so you don't have to waste time browsing through websites consistently.

Five different filtering options allows you to save time on our website, or even feel inspired by our 'featured' or 'best selling' Sherwanis so you can take a look at the best ones without having to think of colors or styles on yourself.

2. Make a Free Appointment!

Appointments for a Sherwani!


Booking a Showroom Appointment allows you to get more detail for a Sherwani you would like to see or try on with our experts helping you to take every single step of the way! There are many things you can do in the appointment whether that is a one-to-one consultation or just casual browsing through the store with an option to test out a Sherwani.

We make sure you have the best outlook you desire to be achieved in this appointment, to top it off it's totally free! Having tips along the way preparing for your special day is not complete without the right advice which is why we have made this feature for our website.


3. Daily Blogs Just For You!

 Blogs about Sherwanis, News andTips!

With our writers on board, experience a new taste of blogs every single day with three new and interesting stories for you to read including news which are industry related, stories about us so you keep up to date with what we're doing as a team and even tips with strong advice for questions people may ask in their head about Sherwanis. 

We also will create blogs on what you want if you just leave a short and simple comment down below in each blog. We care for our customers and fans which is why we want to show that by creating blogs on your favorite topics. We are very effective when it comes to relating with the public so all you do is reach out to us!