Bangladesh Sherwanis vs UK Sherwanis

by Chris Warren on January 07, 2016
Bangladesh Sherwanis vs UK Sherwanis


Two very big countries creating new and innovative Sherwanis on a daily basis. Bangladesh and the U.K have their benefits when it comes to comparing their designers making traditional Sherwanis. This article will cover how Bangladesh and the UK make Sherwanis and what makes them stand out in their own way when it comes to designing a beautiful Sherwani. 


U.K Sherwanis

UK Flag - Sherwanis


The United Kingdom has a great variety of styles and designs when it comes to fashion and clothing, in particular Sherwanis. The fact that the community and cultures are increasing in this country with tradition, it inspires many different designers to create Sherwanis in Britain. Sherwani King is also based in UK so you can choose from and our entire ready to wear Sherwanis for hire or purchase. 

Designers from Britain do however use many different types of embroidery work that are imported from other countries but realistically it is the designs and creative styles that have to be thought about in a Sherwani before implementing it. These designers use mostly zardozi, emphatic thread-work, stones and diamonds.

The UK is fairly limited to which cities actually distribute Sherwanis, here are a few examples where you would find many Sherwanis.

  • London Sherwanis
  • Birmingham Sherwanis
  • Leicester Sherwanis
  • Bradford Sherwanis
  • Manchester Sherwanis
  • Edinburgh Sherwanis

UK Sherwanis are never disappointing to the eye, they have as much knowledge than other countries to create a high end tradition wedding Sherwani or for any other special event. You can hire or buy beautiful Sherwanis from our London Collection from Sherwani King with a wide range of suits to pick from.


Bangladesh Sherwanis

Bangladesh Flag - Bangladesh Sherwanis


Bangladesh has a very high ranking when it comes to designing a wedding Sherwani or a Reception Sherwani. They are set to compete with other popular countries creating Sherwanis like Pakistan, Sri-Lanka and India. With the whole Bangladesh enterprise starting to expand, it has not been a surprise that they have become a massive influence in the whole clothing industry, mainly playing the Sherwani role.

Bangladesh are well-known for their custom Sherwanis and tailored Sherwanis. For just a small price you can tailor your dapper Sherwani to however you would like it.this is good because if you want the Indo-western suit to have higher or lower amounts of embellishments, then Bangladesh  are one of the best countries when it comes to tailoring or custom work because of how talented and experienced they are with designing.

The Sherwani plays a big role in Bangladesh rather than just producing them. They wear a nice Sherwani or Achkan on formal occasions such as weddings, parties and most importantly Eid. Because of how traditional and cultural Bangladesh is, celebrations are not complete without a Sherwani which is why it has such a high prestige.

You can hire or buy Sherwanis from our Sylhet Collection from Sherwani King. There is a high amount of Bangladeshi Sherwanis to be tempted by in that collection so take your time to find the right one!