Should You Consider To Buy an Imported Sherwani?

by Fayed Hussain on January 07, 2016
Imported Sherwanis


It's important to know whether you are going to buy a Sherwani from your own country or from another. In this article we will discuss if purchasing Sherwanis worldwide really makes a difference than to just buy it from a near location to you.

So, what are imported Sherwanis?

Imported Sherwanis is when a customer purchases an Indo-western suit into a country from abroad. It could be services via plane or by a delivery van. The point of this is to get Sherwanis that are not available in a customers country from another place which allows them to have a wider range of collections to pick from.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to shopping worldwide, for instance you may have more stock or wider range of products to select from, in this case would be Sherwanis which is very important. Buying high quality suits online can take quite a lot of time to browse through, especially if you're are looking to go an find the perfect Sherwani. 

When you buy an Imported Sherwani, you're most likely to save a lot of money for this process. Prices may vary but it will definitely be cheaper than buying a Sherwani from your local area. There is also more choices to pick from whether that is a strong embroidered Sherwani or less embroidered Sherwani, to a Achkan or Bandhgala.

Another benefit is if you are buying a Sherwani from a country that specializes more into Sherwanis such as India, Pakistan or Bangladesh, you are most likely to find the better designs and more traditional Sherwanis because of how important it is to the country. India and Pakistan commonly wear Sherwanis because it is a royal and elegant masterpiece.

Wait, it's not over yet...

Although there are many advantages to buying a Sherwani from another country there are some disadvantages too...

Firstly, it is important you do check your local area for Sherwanis as you may find the right one in quick succession rather than just wasting time. Companies also obtain wedding Sherwanis, reception Sherwanis and party Sherwanis that have been imported by designers living in another country, which means it is fairly pointless to check the globe for a Sherwani that was already in your area.

Imported Sherwanis may take some affect once it has been delivered to you. For example, some embroidery or accessories may fall of because of how fragile they can be on long journeys. You could also misjudge the color or the styles of a Sherwani by taking a risk and buying or hiring a Sherwani from another country.

We know saving a lot of money is a huge reason to do this process but the long period of time it takes to process a Sherwani, especially from countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan could ask you for more time to finish off your suit which should have been done. Other than that, these were the only reasons why you may have to consider importing a Sherwani than just immediately taking that direction.