Accessories Do You Really Need Them?

by Karishma Bhugani on June 26, 2017

Asian weddings are always larger than life with extravagant clothes, parties and jewellery but sometimes you the groom; can get left behind. The bride puts in so much effort to look her best spending months searching for the right elements for her wedding outfit, so how can you not match her efforts, when planning your wedding outfit? The Sherwani shouldn’t be your only focus as there’s a lot more to consider…

You have options when it comes to accessories and there are many ways you can increase the regal look from the right shoes, to haars and scarves. Find out everything you need to compliment your bride to be:


Originally worn by the Maharajas to signify their position, they are now worn by Grooms as a touch of elegance to complete the look. With their semi-precious stones and metal, these elaborate brooches become the centrepiece of the turban setting the groom apart from any other turban wearers. You could either have a small kalgi that sits in the middle of the turban or a bigger piece that wraps around the front. Either way; these hand finished pieces will enhance your look. 

Mojari Khussa Shoes

The only type of shoe you should be considering when wearing a Sherwani is a pair of Mojari Shoes. These are the traditional shoes covered in gemstones and Embroidery patterns to match the Sherwani. There are two main designs mojari – the standard slipper shape or the traditional Khussa. The Khussa style have curly toes and are also referred to as Salim Shahi’s. Whatever style you choose; just remember to wear them in a little for comfort before the big day.

Scarf or Palla

Not your regular winter scarf, instead these are worn specifically with sherwanis and kurtas. Scarfs are the basic version while a palla is a much heavier and wider (like a narrow shawl) which is draped over the sherwani. Choose from a plain or embroidered scarf to compliment your sherwani and complete the regal look.

If you and you partner are wearing different colours this is an easy way to add some of their colour to your outfit for a picture perfect look.


A crown for the groom's head; Turbans were First originally worn by Kings and have now filtered down into the groom’s list of must-have accessories. A turban signifies honour, self-respect and age old traditions. They come in a variety of colours and styles and can be purchased pre-tied, or you can invite specialists on the day of the wedding that tie the turban for you. Turbans can be made from many fabrics such as cotton, silk, brocade and you can match the colour of the turban to the bride’s lengha for subtle coordination.


A haar is definitely a style statement, no matter what look you are going for. Adding a few strands of traditional pearls, uncut emeralds and rubies make your wedding outfit that much more memorable.

You can choose to wear a single strand of pearls for a minimalist look or for a fully regal look choose a haar that has several strands of pearls along with a gemstone pendant. The haar will do the talking for itself so all you have to do is make sure the colours of the stones compliment the colours of you sherwani. 

If you prefer subtle jewellery you could go for a haar that has Kundan work on the pendant, instead of the usual highly polished stones. Kundan work gives the stones a more antique look that provides depth to the colours meaning there is no need to wear a heavier jewellery piece. 

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