Boring Wedding Suits; A Bygone Trend

by Vanessa Schulz on January 05, 2018

Everything could be perfect – you are engaged to the woman of your dreams and you are planning the biggest day of your lives together: your amazing wedding. Now that big decision; what to wear on that special day?

Traditional Suits are Dull and Boring

Of course you can wear a dull suit in black, grey or blue like most guests will at the event. Not modern, not different and not outstanding at all. You have to ask, Is this really what I want to look like on the most important day of my life? Your wedding outfit should express what you are like: your pride, your self confidence, your personality; and most importantly is the day that you become the king.

Which one of the pictures above better represents your character?

What do Modern Grooms wear?

One thing that we know for sure is every groom of the future aspires to be different! If you don’t want to be the kind of groom who wears a dull and boring suit like everyone else then you should definitely go for a different type of wedding garment!

As your wedding is the most amazing event in you and your bride’s lives; everybody should see that the both of you are the most important persons on this exciting day that you will cherish for a lifetime! Most people assume that a Sherwani is only worn by Asian grooms. This is far from reality in 2017 as numerous European, African and Oriental grooms chose to wear this specially designed suit on their big day!

We recommend you opt to wear an amazing Asian Sherwani, a fine quality brocade tuxedo and modern colourful waistcoats depending on the type and number of different events your wedding will offer. You can round off your amazing wedding clothes by modern hats, matching shoes and scarves as well as eye-catching jewellery. This unique combination of tradition and modernity makes for a breathtaking appearance at your wedding!

Why Visit Sherwani King?

Award Winning Sherwani King offers its customers the opportunity to make the shift to be a modern and amazing looking groom by offering everything but boring suits! By choosing to wear Sherwani King Clothes you chose an amazing and outstanding look. Thus you can guarantee you and your bride will be shining stars at your amazing wedding!

In order to make your amazing look even more unique, Sherwani King Offers bespoke Sherwanis and Suits. Make sure you will look like a king on your wedding day and book an appointment at Sherwani King!  

Don’t wear boring suits – wear Sherwani King.