British Asian Wedding Awards Nomination!!!!

by Karishma Bhugani on February 02, 2017

Sherwani King has been shortlisted as a finalist in the first ever British Asian Wedding Awards!!! Nominated as a finalist in the Best Grooms wear category after bringing the service of sherwani hire available for public use for the last 2 years is a great deal of pride for us. The cherry on top was the fact that our nominations and the votes have been consumer-led- a massive thumbs up from our clients.  

Our nomination comes from our clients who are making a pretty big decision when selecting their sherwani and as some grooms have no idea what they want to wear on such an important day; we make the process a little easier by offering advice such as what type of sherwani would suit them or how they can match colours with the bride. If the couple already knows what style they would like then that we simply help them find the perfect sherwani out of the largest selection of groom's sherwani the UK has to offer. Our stylists are here to help make the decision of the groom (and his family) as easy as possible. When clients come to Sherwani King they know that they will leave happy with a beautiful Sherwani for a fraction of the retail price. 

The inaugural wedding awards have been organised by Oceanic Consulting who are Britain’s largest ethnic consulting and promotions organiser delivering many successful shows across a range of sectors promoting creative talent. Although they have honoured many industries over the years, this is the first awards show related to the Asian Wedding industry. The UK Asian Wedding Industry is definitely one to celebrate - it’s one of the grandest and right now it’s worth £300 million per year and that number is forever growing - think about how much talent is within that pool.  

We will be sure to keep you updated on what happens at the awards as they are just around the corner in March. Keep your fingers crossed for Sherwani King and don’t forget to vote!