Buying vs Hiring

by Karishma Bhugani on January 10, 2017

Special events require you to look your best but that may not be in your best financial interests. A new outfit for every occasion is hard on the wallet so the question is to buy or to hire. A sherwani is something most people will buy only once but they are expensive so is that usage worth the expenditure?


A benefit of buying a sherwani is that once you have paid it, it’s yours forever, you have a physical memento from your wedding but that wedding sherwani is just that. It will never be worn again people will have already seen it so it stays in the cupboard collecting dust, that’s if it can fit in the cupboard. Wedding sherwanis tend to be heavy and elaborate pieces that are hard to store unless they have dedicated space and the cupboard where you keep your daily clothes doesn’t seem like the best of places.

When buying a men’s sherwani in the UK prices begin at £500 and go into the thousands. That’s a big setback for something worn for not even the whole day instead for just a few hours that is money that could instead be used for something else. 

Now that you have worn the sherwani what are you going to do with it? You could pass it down it’s a sweet gesture but your child may not want it they may have something else in mind. You could sell it but you won't make too much from it, you will have lost money instead of gaining.

A purchased sherwani will eventually be thrown away but for such a special piece that has only been worn once, that is a waste. All the work that went into creating that single piece of clothing has literally gone into the trash.


Clearly the biggest aspect of hiring a sherwani is that you will have to return in after the wedding so there is no keepsake but keeping a sherwani is not the most practical thing, it would have to be looked after to ensure it doesn’t get damaged but that’s hard to when you don’t remember you have one.

Another major factor in the buying vs hiring debate is the money factor. With hiring, you are going to save hundreds of pounds but another element of hiring over buying means you now have access to a greater range of items. With buying, you may be constricted in choice due to budgets but when hiring, sherwani shopping becomes much more fun as you can look at the more elaborate pieces and still have the option to wear them for your event.

Another benefit of hiring is that this piece will be used again. This is really a benefit for us all instead of being used once, forgotten about then thrown into a landfill the pieces cost of making is equal to its usage. Sustainability is key for the clothing industry, hiring your wedding sherwani is a great way to contribute not only are you saving money but are helping create more eco-friendly future.