Covid 19 and Weddings

by James Peters on October 26, 2020

Earlier this year a global pandemic spread throughout the world having a major effect on peoples lives and ambitions. We are still now in the midst of the pandemic but hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel. The wedding industry has been one of the hardest hit, as all weddings were banned on the 23rd March 2020 and now tight regulations restrict how weddings take place.

Business as usual!

We here at Sherwani King are still keeping a positive outlook on the current situation in the wedding industry and have resumed business as of June 2020. The current rule of 6 of course has a major effect on peoples ambitions to get married but we have designed and made suits for people having "lockdown weddings" There is a rule of 6 at the moment but weddings are permitted and 15 people can attend these events while in Scotland up to 20 people can attend, of course Liverpool city Region is currently on 'high alert' meaning weddings are cancelled.

What this means for you.

The customers are our priority at Sherwani King, we would like to give you some information regarding your potential weddings. We are use to making Bespoke grooms wear for events being attended by hundreds of people, unfortunately this is not possible in the current climate. Before you get married you should make sure that your venue is able to open, and food and drink can only be consumed if essential. Different households would need to follow the social distancing guidelines of 1m but music is allowed. If your wedding was due between March and September and you cancelled before July you are entitled to a refund. We currently are holding a high volume of suits which people ordered before the national lockdown. we understand peoples situation and struggles in making a wedding happen. Recently however, we have had more and more people collecting their suits showing hopefully more normality on the horizon with the wedding industry looking to resume as usual in January 2020. 

The Bottom line! 

We treat our customers no different now. We have still produced suits of the highest standard for clients in the past 4 months since we have re opened. When you visit Sherwani King Masks are mandatory and no more than 2 people are allowed to attend, but this is not stopping us from doing our work. We are more determined than ever to make your special day that bit better. Your safety means a lot to us, take care and hopefully we see you at Sherwani King soon!

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