Dapper Dads

by Karishma Bhugani on January 23, 2017

Being the father doesn’t just mean overseeing everything and making sure it's not going too far over budget but you have to make sure you look good! You don’t want to get lost in the sea of suits we already know suits look good they are the tried and tested method you need to stand out from the other men. A child is getting married is a huge occasion in any father's life and we believe the father needs to be dressed just as well after all eyes are going to be on you too not just the women in their saris.  

Now as the father you want people to like your outfit but you don’t want to steal attention from the couple of the day we recommend something that is a little muted in comparison to the grooms sherwani, a reception sherwani is perfect for this is has all the aspect of Indian design we love without the bling. These sherwanis have a shorter cut and resemble a western suit jacket. We know dads don't like to stand out too much so this is a perfect balance something similar to a suit but unusual enough to make guests look again.   

Co-ordination is key. Make sure you know exactly what the theme of the wedding is and choose something that will compliment everybody else.  Embellishments can come after you don’t want to find the perfect piece only to realise the colours won't go. However, also consider the time of day, if you will just be wearing the sherwani for a few hours in the morning a lighter colour (within the colour scheme) will be a better fit if you will be wearing it in the evening, try darker colours.