Drive-in Wedding!

by James Peters on October 30, 2020

Due to the current situation in the world, restrictions on weddings are very tight. But as the following story shows, there are still ways in which you can enjoy your big day in front of a big group of people but in a safe way.

This couples Hindu wedding ceremony was broadcast on big screens outside the venue, this took place in Witham, Essex. People were able to watch the ceremony from their cars in front of the big screen. There were other amazing features to this wedding though, hand gel was supplied but also you were able to order food hand delivered by waiters to your car. Over 250 people witnessed the event and this gives a sense of hope that if you have an up and coming big day, there may be ways to still have a very special day. After the event, the couple rode on a golf buggy and waved to the people that had turned up, a very special memory. 

If you feel your big day might be too different to go ahead, there are ways in which the big day can be rescued, and this show is one idea. At Sherwani King we are committed to making the best day of your life that bit special. 

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