Early Bird Gets the Sherwani

by Karishma Bhugani on November 10, 2016

So you’ve sorted out your wedding date now you need to sort out your clothes. Sherwanis are something most men will only wear very few times in their lives so it has to look good so. We advise grooms to start looking as soon as possible this means you have the greatest chance of finding something that really compliments your personal style and the bride's dress.

A lot of grooms tend to leave their clothes until the end with only weeks or even days (!!!) to go before the wedding but by securing your sherwani early you are able to give yourself piece of mind and focus on other areas of your wedding. 

First set a budget, at Sherwani King prices range from £59-£295 and we have a range of styles from traditionally longer lengths to shorter western inspired cut. Alternatively you could opt for a 3 piece open front sherwani. With chest sizes that begin at 36" and go up to 56" finding something that you like has been made incredibly easy at Sherwani King. To complete the look we think you need: a wedding turban,sherwani shoes and a scarf with these you will look like the complete Asian groom.

For a more personalised experience, make an appointment so our stylists get to understand you better listen to your style preferences and give you recommendations. You will be able to go through your sherwani shortlist at your own pace, understand if any alterations such as sleeve or chest adjustments are needed and have your photos taken so you will know what you will look like on the day.

If your wedding is just around the corner and you still have not found your sherwani don’t worry, Sherwani King can still save the day, with the largest selection of sherwanis in the UK. You will always find the best wedding sherwani and any last minute adjustments can be done with our local tailor and the sherwani will be with you in time for your wedding.

Are you outside of the UK but need a sherwani for hire? Sherwani King can still be your go to specialist. Just make sure you have the correct size and chose your favourite from the online shop and we will ship it to you in time for your event.