Fashion Is About New Trends in the Current Market!

by James Peters on November 28, 2019

Fashion is what is trending at the moment. It is a broad topic that tends to have a basis on the looks (appearance), beauty, and generally the dress code. It is an inner inspiration to look good. So, when you hear someone mention fashion-he refers to all of this, and to be precise he is trying to have a look into what is trending. It refers to what is hot in the market right now. In the context of dressing, which is again a wide area from women to men, adults and children, and even newborns? The major classification of fashion is based on sex, age, occasion, time, style, character, religion, tradition, look, and purpose.

Fashion is for Men or Women?

It was considered that women tend to drive changes in fashion as men are in the fashion industry too. David Gandy, Billi Huxley, Husnain Lehri, and many other fashion models are the spokesperson of their field. The world knows the fashion male models more than the female. Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, HSY, Sherwani King, and Manish Malhotra are the big names of the male fashion industry. It shows how much men are in the fashion industry and trends nowadays. 

Fashion is part of the male world especially of the TV and film industry. So, people like to wear suits, Sherwani, kurta pajamas, khussa, traditional shawls, branded shirts, embroidered kurtas in different shades and colors. Now colors are for all, not just restricted to women. 


Film Industry's Link with the Fashion Industry

Now the fashion industry has become a part of the film industry. The astonishing wardrobe is as needed as is the strong dialogue. Film actors have become the showstopper for every fashion. Either it’s Ranveer Singh, Karan Johar, Fawad Khan, or Fahad Mustafa everyone is conscious about their outdoor look. Now their looks have been divided beyond formal and informal. They do have street looks, airport looks, reception looks, the sport looks, and much other fashion look. It shows how much their life gets into fashion. 

Diljit Dosanjh- a pioneer of the Punjabi film industry, rapper Badshah, and Ranveer Singh are giving new colors and styles to the men fashion industry. They are more concerned about their denim jeans, their Gucci shirts, their sneakers or ethnic kurtas. 

What Is the New Trend in Fashion Market?

In the 21st century, people are more inclined towards their ethnicity. They never miss a chance to represent their place of birth, the culture which belongs to them either they are university students or the overseas businessmen. They choose kurta pajama for cultural events, Sherwani for the groom, ethnic shawls, kurta with jeans combination, and all their ethnic styles of a turban or headscarves. 

It gives them the real memory of their birthplace, therefore people who are living away from their countries in the UK, USA, or other countries consider it hard for them to not follow their ethnic trends. It is no more a thing to mourn because Sherwani king has made it easier for such ethnic people. They can celebrate their ethnic occasions, Eid, Dewali, or weeding with the Sherwani for men, kurta pajama, or the reception suits.