Finding the perfect Sherwani

by Kerry Conway on April 30, 2018

How to find the perfect Sherwani

With wedding season fast approaching (again) there are sure to be many grooms still left to find the perfect sherwani for their big day. Whilst the ladies have most likely had their dresses, Lenghas, Sarees, themes, colours and decors figured out way before they thought of a groom, most men are still in the dark about their wedding attire even though they are an integral part of the day (there’s no wedding without a groom). It may seem daunting, but we’ve come up with a game plan for you…

1. Do your research

Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail. If you go on a hunt for your wedding Sherwani without doing any research prior, you will fall at the first hurdle. Most women LOVE shopping, walking from shop to shop is a favourite past time – men on the other hand…

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What we mean by research is you need to have a clear idea of your budget, the theme of your wedding, what colour(s) your bride is wearing and what style of Sherwani you want (if you are unsure you can take some images from magazines or Instagram and take them with you).

2. Colour and style

The colour of your Sherwani is a huge part of the look. The right colour is dependant on skin tone, your shape and the Bridal dress. The wrong colour can make you appear small and stout even when this may not be the case. It is true when they say black is the most slimming colour – however, this is a celebration, so the bride might not be best pleased if you turn up looking like you should be at a funeral. So, if you are looking to appear slimmer, then darker colours like navy or bronze may be more suitable. However, if you have worked extremely hard for your physique then lighter colours like golds, whites and silvers will best complement her outfit.

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Furthermore, whilst silk is the most feasible fabric to go for in terms of movement, patterns and compatibility, velvet is an excellent alternative if you want to add luxury without adding to the detail. In general, most grooms would rather not be the centre of attention but if you are the type that thrives on having all eyes on you, then we recommend you go for a heavy Sherwani. After all, you are only supposed to be getting married once, right? If you would rather all eyes be on your bride then perhaps a plainer, simpler Sherwani would be better suited to you.

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3. Bride

You must have an idea of what your bride is wearing. Marriage is a coming together of two people and your outfits should mirror this. Either bring your bride with you or at the very least know what colour she is wearing (most bridal stores will give you the colour code for the Bridal outfit). Your Sherwani should complement the bride's – not overpower or clash. Your pictures will last more than a lifetime so your outfits need to fit together in perfect harmony.

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And finally,

4. Be realistic

This is very important. Being unrealistic with what you can achieve will only lead to disappointment.

Time – you will not be able to create the Sherwani of your dreams in a span of one week. If you are opting for a bespoke Sherwani, we recommend a minimum of eight weeks, giving time for any adjustments and design modifications so everything is as you imagined.

Budget –  We understand that weddings are extremely expensive. Some men look for savings from their Sherwani, whereas others want the perfect look regardless of cost. Both are perfectly fine. Remember, the heavier and more detailed the Sherwani, the more it will cost.

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