How to Carry different Kurta forms on Different Days

by James Peters on February 19, 2020

Kurta pajama has become a part of Pakistani and Indian culture. Political and social public figures also try to wear kurta pajama to show their connectivity with the people. It is a peoples' dress; therefore, it has become a symbolic outfit. It symbolizes the equality and connectivity between the people of an area and different regions. On a different note, it has not specified for a specific event, but can be worn on any eve either it's formal or informal just with a little change. 


Wear Kurta Pajama

Kurta suits most with the traditional pant known as pajama, therefore kurta pajama has considered the most suitable traditional outfit for any event. Pajama is available in different styles as well. You can wear a jacket with a Pajama as well. It is the most common and fabulous cultural clothing representation. 

Kurta with Jeans

Kurta can also be worn with jeans. It has become a street fashion as well. This is the most famous street fashion and adopted highly all around the world. From Bollywood and Lollywood celebrities to the layman, every person has tried and enjoyed this fashion. Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor have also opted for this fashion as the street fashion. 

Kurta Dhoti

This is the oldest cultural dress of Punjabi farmers; these have remained on the hype for a few times. It has been used in TV dramas for the pure cultural representation, which has changed slowly from kurta dhoti to kurta pajama. 

These kurtas have been worn differently according to the eves. Embroidered kurtas are also a special form, which people love to wear at their weddings with a perfect combination of either pajama or jeans. So, just to get the beauty of your culture in the form of this traditional outfit, you can contact Sherwani king for a kurta pajama or Sherwani. They can help you to adopt the traditional look, the true representation of your culture for the special cultural events or weddings.