How To Co-Ordinate Your Outfit With The Bride

by Karishma Bhugani on June 06, 2017

Ok, so coordinating your wedding outfits seems to be the biggest consideration in styling today. Couples used to wear matching colours in the past but that’s far too easy and a washout so putting a bit of thought into your outfits colour co-ordinating makes the theme that much more unique.

Grooms: if you had your mind set on a bright orange Sherwani you might have to rethink it, it’s probably better to speak to your fiancé before you confirm your desired colours! 

The simplest way to make sure you compliment the bride is by letting her buy her lehnga first. With most couples, the bride would have began thinking of her dress way before the groom has considered what he will be wearing; but this could work out to your advantage. Your process of what to wear will become much easier once the bride's outfit has been chosen as you can compare colours, embroidery and fabrics against her lehnga and see what works best for you.

If she is wearing a multicoloured lehnga, you will have to tone it down (colour wise) a little. Pick the least used coloured in her lehnga and give a nod towards subtle coordination that only the people who pay the closest attention will realise.

If however she is wearing a single colour, pick a sherwani in a neutral shade and bring colour to your outfit by having your pagdi, shawl, haar or shoes in the colour of her lehnga. The perfect accents.

If the bride isn't going for the traditional red and choosing something more contemporary, you too can stray from the tried and tested reds, creams and golds. You could pick a tone in her dress or jewellery and create your outfit from there or go the complete opposite and contrast all the way. Dusty pink for her and grey-blue for you maybe?

If your bride is taking the back seat and wearing a lighter shade then you need to be the one making all the noise. You can go for brighter colours like emerald green, royal blue or burgundy and thus steal the limelight.

Finally, if her lehnga is very heavy then you need to match her with volume of work. You can't show up looking like a guest as all eyes will be on you both. So therefore you DO need to look the part.

Are coordinating outfits top of the priority list for most wedding? Probably not! But in a few years time when you look back at your wedding photographs, seeing that you both looked good together is going to make you smile and all the effort will definitely worth it in the end!