How to make your Lockdown Wedding Unforgettable

by James Peters on October 27, 2020

We are all going through a very unusual period at the moment. A global Pandemic as grabbed hold of the world and we are all learning to cope and deal with this. People are having lockdown weddings, although the event will have a completely different feel to normal, there are ways in which people are making their lockdown weddings unforgettable for themselves, and the people attending. Here are a few ways in which people are doing this.

Cardboard Cut-Out Parents!

This is something quite remarkable. A couple who got married in Cardiff had a quite brilliant idea when it came to their Lockdown Wedding. Their parents were due to fly from Italy but would of had to quarantine for 14 days meaning they would miss their daughters big day. Instead, her husband to be had life-size cut outs of her parents made to surprise her on the big day. Not only is this an incredible way to surprise his future bride, but it would also give a sense of them being there for her big day which I am sure would mean a lot to many people.

Wedding Streams!  

This same wedding was streamed to all her family and parents. Due to many family members unable to attend such events for people all over the country, streaming the wedding to them at home would give a sense of enormous emotion knowing they did not miss one of the most important days in their respective family member lives. This also brings people together, at a time when times are so tough. It is crucial we all look out for each other and streaming a wedding would allow communication and a share of affection towards each other, especially important to people who may be feeling slightly lonely or down while they isolate. We are all in different scenarios, if it be isolating with your family or isolating alone. A streamed wedding is a fantastic idea!

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