How to Wear with Style

by James Peters on February 06, 2020

Some people look stylish, whether they wear a kurta pajama, sherwani, or a western outfit. It is not an impossible thing to become one of these fashion packed people. They know how to wear, what to wear, and how to wear according to the event. They choose their attire according to their physique, look, and personality. This fashion sense of theirs makes them unique and attractive among all. So, here are a few tips for you to decide which look suits you better.

Why & When Wear Sherwani?

Sherwani gives a traditional look and works like icing on the cake. It shows how much you are into your tradition and connected with your roots. But you should wear sherwani at the wedding or any traditional eve. If you wear your designer sherwani on a simple get together, you will look inappropriate. Sherwani adds charm to your personality. 


Why & When Wear Kurta Pajama?

Kurta pajama is a traditional dress, mostly associated with Punjabi culture. You can wear a kurta pajama on any event like a wedding, family get-togethers, traditional eves. But, it will not be suitable to wear sherwani on a formal office party. Kurta pajama is a casual gathering traditional dress. Proper stitching of your kurta pajama boosts the beauty of your looks and outfit. 

Why and When Wear Western Clothes?

Western clothes are mostly associated with formal office gatherings. You can wear a simple jeans shirt on your casual days but to wear a tuxedo or coat pants just to go shopping will make you look, stranger. And, go for any outfit with proper measurements, color choice, style, and personality uniform. 

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